3 Important Flower Care Tips

3 Important Flower Care Tips

Luxury florist, Christy Griner Hulsey, teaching a floral workshop in Houston, Texas, USA

Once you spend the money or the time on a beautiful floral arrangement, you best do all you can to make sure it last a long time! Ensuring longevity is a priority. Encouraging a long and full life for your flowers is actually simple with a few basic techniques. Believe it or not, you can almost give them 3x a lifetime with these three tips alone. 

Luxury Purple Carnations

1. Keep Them Cool

It's no secret that one of the best ways to prolong a flower's life is to store them in the fridge overnight. Keeping them cool can also tighten the blooms of cut flowers. The refrigerator needs to be very clean and ideally free of food and fruits. Basements and well air conditioned rooms or cool patios are great options, too. This makes a big difference is warm climates like mine, here in Atlanta, Georgia and during the summer months when your house or work space can get warm. 

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2. Let Them Drink Fresh Water

Prep containers by cleaning with bleach or floral supplies. Vases and buckets should be washed frequently. Changing the water helps prevent bacteria as frequent as daily or every other day goes a long way, too. Clean waters gives flowers all the nutrients they need. The flowers are thirsty and they deserve clean, fresh water. I always suggest a fresh trim with each water update. 


3. Pay Attention To The Petals

In addition to the stems, the flower petals are important to a flower. I like to keep ugly petals that are damaged pulled and away from the bloom and I like to mist the petals. Flowers drink through their petals. Keep a water mister near by at your house or shop so that they can get a quick sip when you walk by! 

Luxury Florist, Christy Griner Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers teaching Worshop in Houston, Texas

These images are taken by Nicole Clarey Photo, at a workshop with Mayesh in Houston, Texas. I enjoy workshops and would love to work with you in a private workshop, team building class or one-on-one instruction. Contact us here



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