How To: Flowers That Will Wow With Wedding Chicks

How To: Flowers That Will Wow With Wedding Chicks

If you are considering making flowers let this DIY Flowers That Will Wow convince you! Today's pretty How-To featured by Wedding Chicks in May 2015 is the perfect blueprint that stands the test of time for easy ways to make a fresh flower centerpiece and a faux flower corsage. The best of both worlds done-oh-so-right! Check out the full list of our directions we worked up with pictures by Izzy + Co. Photography to get majorly inspired. Excerpt below. 
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Looking to make your next event visually stunning? Perhaps all you need are a few fabulous floral arrangements to give it that something special. Colonial House of Flowers has you covered. Not only is this bridal shower a fun and laid back wine tasting but it is filled with DIY flowers that will wow!

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DIY Cascading Flower Centerpiece

Step 1:Gather your blooms and friends. Flower shops and flower markets are a great place to round up a focal flowers. Select blooms in various shapes - long lines, soft & fluffy, tiny, large, and viney.Step 2:Place a block of soaked floral foam. Covering as much area as you like.Step 3:Start with a base of foliage and round, low, fluffy blooms like Roses and Peonies to support the rest of your

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Step 4:Add long stemmed blooms like Poppies and Wax Flower around the flower base you all made.Step 5:Add remaining flowers along the edges and in places that are sparse. Be sure to work around the vessel to keep the arrangement balanced. We added several flowers that peeped over the arrangement for wild, natural look.Step 6:Use any leftover flowers throughout the environment to create a cohesive feel - in vases, on flower halos, even on dogs!

make your own large bloom flower arrangement @weddingchicks

cascading flower arrangement @weddingchicks

Sip & Savor Bridal Shower

We absolutely love this laid back and relaxed wine tasting bridal shower idea. Invite several of your favorite gal pals over, pop the cork on several bottles of wine and spend the evening chatting and laughing. Sounds like a spectacular way to spend a night!

cute paper banner and garland @weddingchicks

sip and savor wine tasting table @weddingchicks


sip and savor bridal party idea @weddingchicks

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A DIY Corsage You Can Wear Again & Again

Step 1:Choose your flower. I love the white. And the soft, round aesthetic of a ranuculous. It’s elegant and big. Plus it means, “I’m dazzled by your charms” in flower-ese which perfectly describes my feelings for the bride, Ashley Usry. Gardenia’s and garden roses are great options, too.Step 2:Cut a large bloom off one of the stems using the wire cutter. Try to cut so the flower is as flat on the bottom as can be.

a corsage that will never wilt @weddingchicks

gorgeous flower accessories @weddingchicks

Step 3:Trim the ribbon 15” - 18” depending on the wrist size. Fold it in half to find the center of the ribbon.Step 4:Glue the flower to the center of the ribbon.Step 5:Glue the nickel metal base (any size 16mm - 18mm) to the other side of the ribbon to stabilize the flower. Tie on her wrist and have fun. You made a flower corsage she can keep!

silk flower corsage diy @weddingchicks

Photography: Izzy Hudgins Photography Flower Garland, Centerpiece & Halo: Amanda Currier & Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers Floral Supplies: Syndicate Sales Cake Stand: Pottery Barn Venue & Hand Lettering: Alva & Austrie Flowers Farm: Rosaprima RosesHand Poured Candles: Southern Soy Candle Wardrobe: Cobbler’s Bench & Social + Dish Wardrobe Styling: The Glitter Life Ribbon: Lion Offray Wine: Cameron Hughes Small Bites: Brownie Brittle Flower Selection: Mark Jackson, Cutflower Atlanta | Wine Glasses: Dish | Models: Maggie Buckley, Marley Jones, Halei Jo Sessum, Ashley Usry & Misty Williamson

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