Get Ready for Thanksgiving with the Help of this CHOF Quick Checklist

Get Ready for Thanksgiving with the Help of this CHOF Quick Checklist

From planning the menu and upgrading your tools to making your home inviting for guests, we've got everything you need to host a fabulous holiday fete.

It doesn't matter if it's your turn to host a Friendsgiving celebration, host Thanksgiving dinner or an Cousinsgiving party it's true that having people over takes a little work. Luckily, we've go some quick tips and must have tools that will make creating a fun atmosphere, getting the guest bedroom ready and planning a menu easy. 


Make the Menu

The best thing about Thanksgiving is the food! Sure, it's about being together but it is important to have a menu with really-good recipes that guests like. Make sure to have a few good mains, yummy appetizers, classic sides and wine and beer that people like. 

Green Side Dish 

Easy on the Sides 

When I say easy, I mean easy on the time and effort but not on the taste. And since I'm being honest make it easy on the eyes, too. Make your job a little easier by using a making things ahead of time in a pretty dish like the oblong cassette from our green glazed collection. Then, all you need to do is heat it up in the oven and they'll taste as pretty as they look! 




Decide on the Beer & Wine

Have some fun and choose alcohol with a local flair by choosing family operated when you can. Make it easy on yourself and order it to be picked up ahead of time! One - or three, four, six, or 12 - of my favorites this year are from Atlanta Hard Cider's seasonal lines that are great for holiday feasts in taste and look. They are so cute! 



Serve Something Sweet

You want to make dessert from scratch but you need some help. If this sounds like you then let us help. We have lots of good recipes but this sumptuous pound cake with crust is a treat your guests will remember. I shared it on Camp Makery years ago and it's still a popular go-to. My family loves to make it! 

Set the Table

The meal is together, so where will you eat? A festive table makes your home more fun and memorable and having it ready before your guest arrive will save you time. Choose pretty pieces and ones that you enjoy using to make a seasonal table that is a celebration and cohesive with everything going on. CREDIT: KIM BRANNIGAN FROM END-OF-FALL PARTY THANKSGIVING TIPS WITH POTTERY BARN

Set Out Bold Table-things

One of a kind shapes, textures, patterns and tones are great choices for your Thanksgiving table. This is the time you can go bold with your dinnerware and your centerpiece. Our seasonal tips over on the Pottery Barn blog has all the beautiful and simple tips you could want (Thankgiving 101: Tips For Thanksgiving Decorating). 


Put Greenery on the Table

Any foraged greenery is a good choice for your Thanksgiving table. The textures and colors this time of year are delicious. You can be creative and use fruits and vegetables like pears or oranges or what's in season in your area, potted plants or faux flowers. If you want to cut things from your yard or the road side, for that matter, I shared an easy tutorial with Pottery Barn that has the deets on that (Thanksgiving 101: Bringing Fall Indoors For The Holiday With A Foraged Centerpiece


Pull Out the Essential Tools for Thanksgiving Dinner

You've got the menu under control now it's time to make sure you've got the essentials like a carving knife, cutting boards, cheese knives and casserole dishes.


Invest in a Cooler 

A good cooler is essential in every gathering and kitchen and party, and especially at Thanksgiving at least with my crew. This one will help you look fun thanks to it's built in bottle opener. 

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Saunders Cheese Server, Set of 4

Bring Out the Pretty Tools

What's a festivity without pretty servers and utensils an such? Shake, stir, and cut your favorites like a professional with nice sets. 

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Preserved Magnolia Wreath

Hang Seasonal Wreaths

From glimmering to glamourous, to natural and organic, CHOF's wreath collection certainly sets the tone for any gathering. Not only can a wreath add warmth to your Thanksgiving space, it can be hung weeks ahead and last weeks after. Whether you make your own or buy one already made this piece of decor is versatile and a great investment of time or money. 

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Get Guest Ready

Maybe you have guests over all the time or maybe it's been a while since the guest room has been used. The best thing to do is just focus on how to make it more comfortable and -- happy and festive! -- for folks who might be spending the whole day or a few nights. More than just refreshing the guest room I recommend putting out seasonal décor to make your place inviting and fun. 


Artificial Frosted Christmas Tree Sale price$ 186.95

Make Your Space Festive

Inviting and happy is what you're going for, right? These trees, inspired by nature, give off a warm glow that makes your place cheerful and welcoming. Who says it's too early for Christmas decorations? We think these natural and woodland-like trees are simple and pretty enough they can enhance the ambience of your place throughout the fall and winter. 

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Cozy Vibes for the Win

The devil is in the details! It's the details that really complete things and a nice pillow can be exactly the touch your home needs to bring it all together before everybody gets there! The natural and light color of this pillow makes your home feel warm and comfortable for guests. 

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