A Master Florist At Work, So Much To See On Solomon Leong's Menu

A Master Florist At Work, So Much To See On Solomon Leong's Menu

When it comes to running a retail shop, it's so easy to ge lost in the fiddle-faddle. The lists and the must-do's. But the journey of running a retail shop especially one that's based on floral design, in it's purest form, is way more than that triviality. The Colonial House of Flowers is based on over a half century of flowers and  small business family run retail. It's laborious. And love. And unabashed artistry at a level that is hard to even find words to to describe. Today, let's indulge in just that, the artistry of this job,  with an incredible look at the talent that is Solomon Bloemen as Dr. Solomon Leong designs flowers inspired by the English gardens style and the world around him.

He's amazing as I hope you find as much joy and fascination in this gentleman as I do. 

Solomon Leong, Hong Kong World International Flower DesignCREDIT: JENS PAULSEN


Award-winning florist Dr. Solomon Leong has been featured in Elle, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire and his prize cabinet is full to the brim. If you’re looking for something intricate from an expert, he’s the one. He offers design services ranging from big events, such as weddings and corporate occasions, to small couture items like bouquets and table flowers. He also teaches and has videos. 

As a doctor of philosophy in cultural studies, Solomon’s extensive knowledge of cultures and history in relation to floral art has turned him into a successful commentator of floral designs. He is smart and artistic. There is no doubt thet this industry icon is one of the most active Floral Designers of the world, and for sure the most active in Hong Kong.


International World Florist Solomon Leong



Dr. Solomon Leong Aifd Pfci

Dr. Solomon Leong is the award-winning owner of Solomon Bloemen design studio. Deeply influenced by European floral arranging and the English garden style that we are also so drawn he is able to create unique designs that are extraordinarily unique. And that is hard in our industry. His bespoke and uncommon aesthetic make him a regular contributor to fashion and lifestyle magazines in Hong Kong and China. Cosmopolitan Bride Beijing even named him ‘One of the 50 influential Chinese voices in the wedding world.’

He is also an author. His book, ‘Solomon’s Blooming Chic’ is published in Chinese. ‘Secrets of Flowers’, the bi-lingual book which Dr Leong as author, floral designer and photographer of all his floral designs . 


Videos by Solomon Leong

It's true that he is one of the most video active floral designers in the world. With a lot of enthusiasm, and skill, this world-renowned floral designer at the help of Solomon Bloemen gives audiences many options to watch like on Facebook.  Solomon has a YouTube channel, too. There is so much to see! Even a quick search will land you with more than 100 videos about different topics and subjects.


Solomon Leong, Hong Kong International Florist of World Flowers CREDIT: HONG KONG FLOWER CLUB, FACEBOOK


May I have Omakase, Please? 

Solomon and his team created a ‘Omakase Flower Menu’. In Japanese cuisine ‘Omakase’ means chef’s recommendation. Omakase includes a whole dining experience revolving around seasonal ingredients and the artful combination of the chef. This hits close to home for me as it's one thing I deeply connect to in his lessons and style. I have always thought it was unusual that I reference a floral recipe and think of the blooms as ingredients but to me this is a way to offer organizations and a curated storyline so I share it. To me, this keeps the design and instruction from being haphazard. I like that he uses something similar so it makes his approach easy for me to understand. I am also drawn to a menu style of seasonal goodness at the table with food and in the vase with  flowers... love this about Solomon! 

Omakase is referenced in his video below. 

 solomon-bloemen-omakase-international-world-flowers-hong-kongCREDIT: SOLOMON BLOEMEN 


He Is So Original

I find the designs that come from Solomon Bloemen artistic, bespoke and distinctively original. I think they appeal to the social elite, celebrities and people with naturally refined and eclectic tastes. The designs are spectacular conceptual arrangements that are well organized in a way that creates a joyful, painterly, easy to look at final design and this inspires me. His work is used by countless luxury hotels and celebrity weddings across Hong Kong as I am not surprised. 

His website says, "Whether you opt for something loud and extravagant, or sweet and minimal, we know one thing for sure: all your friends will be clamoring to know who did your bloomin’ blooms!" It's true because they are so original! 



There is so much to watch and see on Solomon Leongs’ channels. Enjoy! You can go to his Youtube channel hereYou can see our own floral design tutorials  we made with Mayesh in their Design Star series, here

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A true floral master.


A true floral master.


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