For the Love of Lewis Miller Design's Flower Flash and the Inaugural Art of Design Festival at the Gibbes Museum in Charleston

For the Love of Lewis Miller Design's Flower Flash and the Inaugural Art of Design Festival at the Gibbes Museum in Charleston

In the heart of Charleston, the Gibbes Museum of Art hosts its first ever week-long visual arts festival, Art Charleston. A celebration of creative freedom, the new annual event is anchored by four key events including the Art of Design: Lewis Miller, an elegant lunch and lecture featuring nationally acclaimed author and floral designer Lewis Miller. I am grateful for the opportunity to check it out in person with two of the most creative people I know, Danielle Hosker and Ashley Stamoulis


Maria White on the far left is a mama, studio potter, film maker, educator, mexican american and found of Mugs For Moms. Next other is Danielle Hosker is the Principal and designer at Mason Hosker, a mother and a realtor. I am the third on over, mother of two and  the President and owner of Colonial House of Flowers.   Nest to me is Ashley Stamoulis who is s Savannah native and mother of three who is famous as the SUTHINGIRL founder and now creates sustainable & decorative objects and jewelry made from vintage 20th-century fine costume jewelry from her  brand new, Atlanta based, Ashley Sparks Collection. 

We all enjoyed listening to the Q & A led by one of the sisters of The Tiny Tassel. At the luncheon Lewis Miller said that he is in constant pursuit of beauty, and I love that.

Lewis Miller is the author of Flower Flash and Styling Nature: A Masterful Approach to Floral Arrangements.  

Flower Flash Book

Trash Can Flowers By Lewis Miller in NYC, USA

Lewis Miller is known for his pop-up urban, flower installations called Flower Flashes. He's been called the Banksy of floral design. Clients include Tiffany & Co., Ferragamo, Harry Winston and the New York Public Library. Miller’s floral inspirations provide hope and gladness especially during the height of the pandemic. He continues to strive in transforming the ordinary into something magical. 

I like to think of Lewis's design style as a great mix of  form, sustainability, art and funk. I had a great time. Get ready to love the power of the flower as Lewis said during the luncheon, I am sharing a few of my pics below.

Pink Figgy In Charleston, South Carolina

Danielle Hosker, Ashley Sparks, Christy Griner Hulsey with The Pink Figgy at The Gibbes Museum in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Pink Figgy Outside of The Gibbes Museum in Charleston

Rent The Pink Figgy in Charleston

The Pink Figgy is a rentable prop. Prepare to be amazed when you check out the rental page, here


Creative Women In Charleston, South Carolina

There's not a wallflower in the bunch! Ashley Sparks, Sterling Eason, Maria White, Christy Griner Hulsey, Danielle Hosker representing Maria White Studio, Eason Creative Studio, Mason Hosker, Colonial House of Flowers and Ashley Sparks Collection. 

Creative Women Business Owners in Charleston

While in line to meet Lewis Miller I was lucky to meet the most talented Charleston designer, Maria Jenkins of Moonlight Iris

Florist in Charleston, South Carolina

Laura Greenberg Schneider and I first met at a Ariella Chezar workshop in Charleston. It was exciting to see her again since that was a few years ago. Laura is the founder of Longitude Project, which empowers brands and people to tell their stories. She's worked with Tiffany & Co and Harry Winston. I am honored to have met her and lucky she took the time to reach out after the luncheon to connect. Thank you, Laura! 

\Savannah Women in Charleston

Ashley Sparks and Sterling Eason grew up in Savannah. Both graduates of the University of Georgia, they're both some of the most creative, confident, smart and beautiful women I know. It's lovely to find out they (pictured with Sterling's mother who also attended the Art of Design luncheon) are cousins!  

Lewis Miller Table Arrangements

The table arrangements at The Gibbes Museum in Charleston were inspired by the Flower Flashes Lewis Miller has become famous for in NYC. 

A colorful, garden inspired centerpiece at the entry of the celebration. 


I made this terrarium using one of our DIY Cloche Kits.It's one of my favorites. I was sad to see it leave the studio but happy to give it to Danielle as a hostess gift for all of her hospitality. We met when we were honored as UGA Alumni 40 Under 40 in the same class and she's really become one of my favorite people. 


The Art of Design, Charleston, South Carolina


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