Valentine's Day Arrangement Inspiration with Flowers for Someone Special

Valentine's Day Arrangement Inspiration with Flowers for Someone Special

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Valentine's Day. When done right, flowers are the perfect gift. Elevate the typical bouquet with these festive ideas from around the world.

Whether you are considering a garden mix or bunch of red roses and real or artificial, flowers are a classic component of Valentine's Day so really you can't go wrong. You can up the anti with ideas to add a little personality and something extra for that special someone.


Long-Stemmed Roses 

Red Rose Valentine Ideas from Colonial House of Flowers in Atlanta, Georgia

Finally Red Rose by Rosaprima 
Take it from me sometimes classic is classic for a reason. Order a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses arranged by a floral designer. Your Valentine will be happy about it! For an extra touch include a hand written note even if the note is only three words long. Ever wonder why we send red roses at Valentine's Day? Discover the answer, right here

Faux Florals

Shop Artificial Faux Peony Flower For Valentine's Day Ideas

Faux Peony Pink Cerise Mix 
Park Hill Collection 

This delightful artificial bouquet is perfect for Galentines and Valentines alike. The faux florals will last forever just like your love, right? These mix peony stems are available by the bunch or by the box of 12. You can send so they can arrange themselves, or order enough ahead of time that you can make yourself. 

Heart Centerpiece

Heart Centerpiece

Craft A Heart Centerpiece Made of Roses  
Martha Stewart  

In 13 Valentine's Day Crafts That Incorporate Flowers Emily Goldman writes, "On February 14, only one flower will do. It's not that a big bouquet isn't sublime, but a single genus best conveys a message of love: the rose, preferably in lush tones of red and pink. Although long stems crowd every florist's cooler, any romantic knows that beautiful blossoms are the heart of the matter—especially when their stems are cut short and they're gathered into tiny vases or glasses arranged in the unmistakable shape of affection." 

Constructions of Natural Materials 

Hand Made Valentine Bouquet of Natural Materials

Heart-shaped Bouquet Alternatives  
Tuba Belgin Oskan, Natura Karma 

Use these creative options as inspiration for your own creations. Thursd writes in Throwback at V-day Inspiration from World Famous Designers that "Tuba loves creating handmade constructions out of natural materials. So she has created two bouquet alternatives on a heart-shaped construction made out of salix branches. One is a classic for Valentine's Day with red roses, red tulips, red hypericum, etc and the other one is more romantic with peonies, spray roses, hedera branches, etc. Flowers are always a good reason to make a beloved one smile..."

DIY Fresh & Artificial Floral Mix 

Create Your Own Fresh and Faux Flower Mix for Valentine's Day With Pottery Barn and Colonial House of Flowers

Faux Real: Creating The Perfect Valentine Arrangements With Real & Faux Flowers
Pottery Barn 

Our crew here at Colonial House of Flowers  teamed up with stylist, Tristan Needham, and Pottery Barn to come up with a refreshing take on arranging flowers for true loves, whether it’s romantic roses effortlessly grouped in a statement container, a mix of gathered blooms that can be left on a table, or a small jar to place on a night stand, they’re so easy that you can give them to everyone this Valentine’s Day, even yourself!

White Orchids

Shop White Orchids
Faux White Orchid
Park Hill Collection

These delicate, exotic flowers are a beautiful gift and, unlike a typical bouquet, real orchids can last for years, blooming each spring (artificial ones bloom all year long) as a special reminder of your relationship.



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