Blue And White Is Always Right: See Why We Think It Is True!

I need to open up this post with this disclosure: blue and white is NOTHING NEW. In fact, we've had a saying around the Colonial House of Flowers shop that, blue and white is always right! This classic color pairing is re-emerging and makes a fresh addition to almost any space. 

Blue and white doesn't get much prettier than this! Maybe you are beginning to see it EVERYWHERE. But, honestly this dominant color combination is a long time favorite and signature at Colonial House of Flowers.

I love these tones in the long style of the porcelain boat bowl above. Do you? All this acknowledged, to tell the whole truth I love all the pieces in the Nicholls Nazare Blue & White Collection and all things blue and white. Each is  artisan made in Portugal. Just look at them at this color combination at it's best. 

Used as an accent, it is a beautiful and timeless addition to any room whether a vase or pillow like one in Bluebird Toile. There is no denying it looks good as the principle color, too. The Bluebird Toile Settee nostalgically yet modern-ly kicks the color scheme up a notch. 

When making floral arrangements to complement the container I like monochromatic designs and especially in blue-and-white vessels . For instance, Flower Mag recently featured the ‘In Bloom’ vase ($3,317) by Bernardaud overflowing with a single color arrangement.  I find the bold color created by a single color delphinium bunch (shown below) absolutely stunning in the matching container. 

It's intriguing how even simple a blue-and-white linen napkin set adds a delicate presence to a table setting especially one set with a centerpiece of flowers or fruit. 

According to Style Me Pretty's Trend Report: Blue and White, "Blue makes sense as a great color to commit to because it's is a few short steps away from a neutral. "Navy is the new black" has been said so many times that it's no longer the new black, it's just s short tonal difference away from being black." 

 One of my favorite interior decorators and photo stylist is  Heather Chadduck HillegasShe did the 2019 Southern Living Design House which was featured in Southern Living and her 100-year-old Birmingham, Alabama colonial home called the Pineapple House is featured in Flower magazine and House Beautiful with lots of this color combo. And, you know I am a big fan of these three publications. The way she uses blue and white is exquisite!  

Pineapple House via Flower magazine

Pineapple House via Flower magazine

Pineapple House via Flower magazine

Pineapple House via Flower magazine

Pineapple House via Flower magazine

Blue is extremely calming because it symbolizes feelings like confidence, wisdom, honesty, trust. Since light blues symbolize health, healing, calmness and "softness" using this color inside you home is brilliant. I am fond of the Steele Blue Velvet Cushion (below) we carry from Kalalou because I it looks good alone and when mixed with other hues. 

The other great thing about this color combination is that it's pretty much appropriate in every room in the house. And, when it comes to accessories like blue and white vases you can put anything in them and put any where and it looks good. The aged Delphine Terracotta Tall Vase by Park Hill Collection is a container that I think shows how versatile these colors are. 

So what do you think — ready to embrace this awesome color match up? Is blue and white right for you, now? Or, have you already adopted it?

Peruse rooms, weddings, table settings, and decorative vases and containers from some of our places  featuring this color pairing that stands the test of time by defying all trends. Simply search our online shop for "blue and white" -- you'll see why we think it's always right! 

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