Naturally Inspired:  Atlanta Based, Currey Company

Naturally Inspired: Atlanta Based, Currey Company

botantical inspired lighting forest dawn chandelier by atlanta based currey company

Distinctive home furnishings based on botanical inspiration with loads of artistic details and oozing with exquisite craftsmanship is a straight shot to my design-flower-loving heart. Our shop was started in 1968 as Colonial House of Flowers and Interiors as we have decided to return to these roots by bringing in decor to supports our design style and brand. While at AmericasMart in Atlanta I was taken with one showroom in particular, Currey & Company

There's something exciting about seeing lighting, furniture and accent pieces all fancied up and dressed to the nines, authentically and in their own way. But, that doesn't mean distinctive has to be too traditional, or classic. Case in point? The slice of inspiration (below) called Forrest Dawn from Currey & Company with all it's nature-ness.  It's sophisticated while organic - and honestly, completely perfect. 

botanical lighting

botantical inspired lighting forest dawn chandelier by atlanta based currey company


Designer Aviva Stanoff is a mom of two boys who is deliberately luxurious. Aviva did everything just right with the oversized Forest Dawn Chandelier she created for Currey & Company. It is more than lighting, dripping with natural quartz crystals on a gold tree, branch-like form in a way that is very artistic and reflective of a childhood spent in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She says, “the veiled, speckled light there is magical and majestic. The chandelier was my way of honoring my roots and sharing the magic that forest instilled in me.”


Mamma Arigalou aviva

Avia and her two boys. 


Avia wrote an excerpt from “Desiderata” (that I love) atop one of her blog post

“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

Suzy and Brownlee Currey during our 30-year anniversary celebration, the two responsible for our blog history.
Suzy & Brownlee Currey during a 30-year company anniversary party. 

2018 marked Currey & Company's 30 year anniversary but so you know  botanically inspired designs like Forest Dawn aren't new. Though the company is   known today for lighting and furniture, interestingly enough, I learned they began as a purveyor of historic garden furnishings in 1988 when Robert and Suzanne Currey of Atlanta, Georgia founded Garden Source Furnishings. They continue to prioritized the use of natural materials, time-honored craftsmanship, and designs influenced by authenticity.

Robert Currey of Currey & Company Lighting Company speaking of metro Atlanta


AmericasMart Currey & Company Lighting

Currey & Company isn't only botanical but while I studied the showroom in awe at Atlanta's Mart, scoured the catalog and spoken with a representative, I noticed the natural ideals are woven throughout which brings sconces, chandeliers, and table lanterns bearing blooms, branches, twigs and leaves; metal birds peached on branches that emerge with a sprout from drink tables or lamps; wooden bowls that look like they came right off the forest floor; and sleek furnishing sets set in gold and adorned with honey-bees reminiscent of the simple elegance of a hive (see below); or curvy storage units with flowers stems. 



 Bee My Honey Chandelier H: 31" Dia: 20.5"



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