The Best Plant Gifts For Mother's Day According To Atlanta Florist

The Best Plant Gifts For Mother's Day According To Atlanta Florist

Plants are guaranteed to put a smile on Mom's face and are a gift with lasting beauty throughout the year. 

This Mother's Day let's all give plants! Botanical gifts are great because they come in a range of colors, shapes and sizes to fit the personality of the giver and receiver. From a stunning green houseplant to a beautiful outdoor flowering plants, whether real or artificial they're sure to deliver joy and happiness. Plant's are the trendiest design objects right now and give life long after today day in the garden, patio, living room or study.

Get inspired by these beauties this Mother's Day!

Artificial Monstera Green Plant

Find Out How To Care For Your Monstera,


1. Swiss Cheese Plant 

Swiss cheese plants are also called Monsteras. These plants come in mini to large sizes. Some grow upright and many will vine. They make gorgeous hanging baskets and love humidity, warm temps and indirect light. 

Care Tips: Provide bright, indirect light and keep the plant soil evenly moist, allowing the top inch to dry between waterings.

White Orchid in Bird Planter

Ceramic Bird Planter
Shop White Ceramic Bowl With Bird, Abigails,


2. Orchids

Orchids make excellent Mother's Day gifts because they are flowering plants that last a lot longer than a typical cut flower arrangement. The orchid's longevity can be used to symbolize the mother's love that is steadfast, always growing and withstand time. Orchids are easy on the pocket book because they continue to bloom for weeks or months after the holiday has past to remind her of your kind gift. 

You can also shop for supplies to create your own orchid planter. Or, reach out to us to a make a beautiful orchid planter arrangement that can be picked up or delivered in Atlanta. 

3. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea, which is also called paper flower, is a colorful plant that is full of vibrant personality. This South America native plant is famous for bold, intense, festive colors. This is an eye-catching way to say dramatically, I love you Mom! 


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