Guest Post by Katie Pierce,  8 Stunning Flowers for a Winter Wedding

Guest Post by Katie Pierce, 8 Stunning Flowers for a Winter Wedding

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I am actually working just outside of Atlanta on flowers for the First Baptist Church in Roswell, Georgia today so I reached out to Katie Pierce to stop by for a visit and share her voice, writing talents and ideas about beautiful florals to use for winter weddings. Katie is a natural flower lover, a teacher and a writer so needless to say, I am very happy! 


8 Stunning Flowers For A Winter Wedding

by: Katie Pierce


Luxury Floral Bouquet Made By Christy Griner Hulsey, Colonial House of Flowers in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Image: Bouquet by Colonial House of Flowers, Photo by Justin Leon Brown


Spring and early fall weddings may get most of the love, but there’s something magical about wintertime weddings. The lingering holiday vibes mixed with love in the air—such a perfect combination!


However, if you are planning a wedding in the winter, you may want to consider looking past traditional options for your floral arrangements. It’s true, today’s wedding planners and florists can get you the spring or summer flowers you want from warmer locations. But, expect to spend more from same-day shipping to keeping these flowers fresh on your wedding day. So why not go with winter flowers that are just as unique, stunning, and, not to mention, fitting for the occasion?

  • Gladiolus 

Gladiolus plants, or gladioli, can grow from two to five feet. The sizes of the flowers they bloom also range from small (2–3 inches in diameter) to relatively big ones (up to 6 inches). Gladiolus flowers come in a variety of colors, from white to pink and peach to burgundy and yellow. Its diverse colors and sizes make it a great option for winter wedding floral arrangements. You can choose the color and type of gladiolus flowers to fit your winter wedding theme, whether you’re going for a low-key rustic vibe or looking for a dramatic color like burgundy to be the center of your color palette.

  • Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley flowers that are used in winter weddings are usually white, but you can also find pink and purple variations. Aside from their delicate, sweet scent, lily of the valley flowers look delicate themselves and will look good as centerpieces. Its beautiful structure can also add a dramatic and dainty touch to any winter wedding bouquet. These flowers also symbolize good luck and joy, which are great reasons to add them to your wedding setup.

  • Snowdrop

    Just by the name itself, you’ll sense that snowdrops are definitely made for winter festivities. These flowers may look fragile and tiny, but they are tough enough to brave the cold winter months. Because of their beautiful white color contrasted by the lush green leaves and stems, they make for great aisle floral arrangements when bundled together. They can also be gathered by a delicately frayed ribbon or jute strings as corsage for wedding ring bearers and groomsmen.

    • Pansies

    If you’re not afraid to add color to your wedding floral arrangements, then pansies are the way to go. Pansies can survive the harsh cold weather and add the brightness you need for your winter wedding. Pansies have overlapping petals that come in a wide range of colors. However, yellows and deep purples are great options as winter wedding accents.

    • Crocus

    Crocus flowers are part of the Iridaceae (iris) family that thrive in colder weather. They come in a variety of colors, too. You can find crocus flowers in yellow, lavender, white, and purple. Because of the variety of colors and their sturdy nature, crocus flowers would make great centerpieces or even garlands for your reception setup. Crocus flowers are also known to symbolize cheerfulness and new beginnings—very fitting for newlyweds.

    • Primrose

    Another type of flower that can add a splash of color to your winter wedding is the primrose. The violet ones symbolize modesty, faithfulness, and young love. So if you want your floral arrangements to have even more meaning than just looking romantic (which is a great reason too! ), then violet primrose flowers are a great choice. You can combine them with other colorful winter flowers for a bright and vibrant wedding setup, or you can make it the focal point of your color palette, using more neutral-colored flowers to complement it.

    • Winter Heath

    Winter heath or erica carnea are great sources of color in colder-weather weddings. There are a wide range of winter heath types and they usually bloom around December to February-perfect if you’re planning a winter wedding. These plants are easy to grow and the pink shades are a perfect choice if you want to add a color to your mostly neutral wedding color palette.

    • Lady of the Night Orchid

    Brassavola or Lady of the Night Orchids look classic but not boring. They’re a fitting choice for the bridal bouquet. They even look like white hearts, and when bundled together, they can complete a romantic bridal look. These orchids can be found year-round but bloom more frequently in the fall and winter seasons.

    Bonus: Winterberries

    If you want to brighten up your winter wedding, then talk to your florist about adding winterberries. While they’re not technically flowers, winterberries are a great addition to winter floral arrangements. You can add it to centerpieces, garlands for the aisle or reception venue, or you can use it as a colorful accent to your wedding bouquet. It can provide a great color contrast against the predominantly white flower bouquet and wedding dress.


    Hopefully, you’ll find your winter flower (or flowers) of choice from this list. These flowers can help make your special day even more memorable. They can also add that feeling of warmth even during the coldest season.

    More about the Author: Katie Pierce: 

    Katie Pierce is a teacher-slash-writer who loves telling stories. Writing keeps her (mostly) sane and grants her some quiet time at night before walking into the classroom in the morning. We are grateful at Colonial House of Flowers that Katie is energetic enough to find the time and focus to write regularly for blogs like ours that focus on the beauty and joy flowers and plants bring to our events, life and homes. Thank you, Katie! 

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