Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival | Creative Covey: Floral Workshop | Thomasville, Georgia 2019

Succulent Workshop Supplies Dirt Driftwood Rockes Moss Brown and Green

It's clear I love sharing the photos from the succulent workshops with you. In fact, there's not a better way to brighten the day. It was another great class organized by the amazing Mariam Mirabzadeh and Katie Chastain from Thomasville Center fo the Arts. It's so much fun to see the vision they bring, the vibe is so in sync with the aesthetic of the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival. 

Thomasville Center for the Arts + Christy Hulsey Colonial House of Flowers With Succulent Driftwood Centerpiece

The color palate for this class was natural tones; deep greens and browns with hints of organic white and muffled tans. Katie said, "think earth, wind, fire and ice." Mark Jackson from Cutflower from Afloral worked with us on class selections. I think they nailed the real succulent and plants -- and, the faux ones. 




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