Staghorn Fern Wall Mount Workshop at Barnsley Resort Coming Soon!

Staghorn Fern Wall Mount Workshop at Barnsley Resort Coming Soon!

staghorn fern mounts at terrainmounted stag horn fern

There's no denying it: as CHOFers we get to be part of some pretty fabulous things but at the tippy top of that list? Traveling to the beautiful countryside of Georgia and participating in Barnsley Resort's Workshop this spring. The way Windham Greenhouses, Beechcreek Timber Company, and Accent Decor are coming together, I am already inspired. In honor of the Easter Weekend Workshop announcement - the first spring-thing since for us since 2019 before the pandemic  -  we're looking forward to all the beauty.

I first fell in love with these stunning plant wonders on a visit to Terrain at Glenn Mills (first picture above)... been dying to mount my own ever since. So, as Melissa Ippenson, the Special Events Designer at Barnsley Resort suggested these as a refreshing way to introduce botanical classes back into the event schedule after the Covid hiatus, you guys it's a dream come true! 

 All this said, this week is off to one great start if I do say so for myself. Please join me. Add a greenery to your space by taking a basic house plant and making it something new. Meet me just outside of Atlanta for an afternoon of learning to mount a Staghorn fern on a wooden base of reclaimed barn wood and how to take care of this thing at home. I will show the proper method to mount these dramatic ferns, named for their long antler like fronds. It's no secret am the leader of the Black Thumb Society so  If I can grow them, you can grow them. They're that easy. 

 Let's do it. Limited space. Registration is required. 

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm 


stagrhorn fern mounted on wall side view on white wall
This is one of my favorite Staghorns by Erin at Gardenista. 


Book Online at Barnsley Resort for Staghorn Fern Mounting Workshop by Colonial House of Flowers



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