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Arbequina Olive Tree in 5 Gallon Growers Pot

Arbequina Olive Tree in 5 Gallon Growers Pot

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The ARBEQUINA OLIVE is a great all purpose tree not only for table olives, but also for olive oil and foliage. The tree excels for landscape purposes as it has very attractive foliage.  This tree is very tolerant to cold, insects, and drought.  A great choice!

Why Arbequina Olive Trees?

The promise of fresh, healthy olives with the authentic taste of Spain. Arbequinas are popular because of their flavor, but they also have a high concentration of healthy, antioxidant-rich oils. You can get up to 20 pounds of olives each year to enjoy in your salads and add to your favorite recipes.

Plus, they grow nearly anywhere. They're seldom bothered by pests and will grow organically, no matter where you live. Even better? Arbequinas grow indoors year-round. These trees are semi-deciduous, meaning they only drop their leaves in extreme cold and tolerate 20-degree weather. Grown indoors, they'll keep their leaves throughout the winter.

You can plant them outdoors in areas with temperatures as low as 10 degrees if they're blocked from northern winds. If you're up North, place them in a container and bring them indoors during the harshest weeks of winter, moving them outdoors again during the summer months.

Why Colonial House of Flowers is Better

For starters, we have a long standing love of Olive trees, Olive oil and Olive branches that can be seen throughout our offerings from floral arrangements to oil to trees. But also, Arbequinas are self-pollinating, so you only need one to produce fruit, though extra trees mean an even bigger bounty. Your tree is grown and shipped in its own container with all of its roots intact, so your tree is ready to grow quickly and fruit. It is also sent with lots of CHOF love. Olive trees are special to our family and to our brand. We’ve done the extra work so that you can enjoy a healthful, productive tree even sooner.

Botanical Name Olea europaea

Grow Zones 7-10 outdoors, 4-6 indoors as a patio tree

Average Height 14 to 18′

Average Width 10 to 12′

Sun Bright, direct to Full sun (if outdoors)

Water RequirementsLikes to dry out between watering

Brand: Saxon Becnel & Sons


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