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Seeds of Life Olive Tree

Seeds of Life Olive Tree

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A symbol of abundance, peace and friendship, these unique olive trees are hardy growers in many climates. They are prolific fruiting trees and will grow to a maximum of 25' tall. In cold climates plant this olive gift tree in a container to bring inside during cold winter temperatures below 15 degrees. Easy to grow indoors and outdoors this beautiful tree has accompanying care directions. Olive trees cannot be shipped to AZ or CA.

A lasting token of thought and affection, this little tree is mighty adorable. Let it thrive by a sunny window, on your porch, or planted in the yard to embellish the landscape for years to come. Tucked snugly into a 100% natural jute bag and tied with a green silk ribbon, your tree also includes care instruction and a gift card.

Medium: Approx. 18" - 24" tall
Large: Approx. 38" - 44" tall

A Tree Grows in Oprah's Bedroom

"Yes, I have olive trees in my bedroom. Everyone said they'd never make it, but I keep them turned to the light and they get bigger every day. A tree is a forever gift. It’s sunshine and earth and water, and it just grows better with time."—Oprah
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