Francisco White Castleberry Urn

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Large Planter Urn Gray White With Greenery at Wedding Altar in Athens, Georgia Made By Colonial House of Flowers

A tried and true CHOF large urn favorite for flowers, greenery and plants. We use the Francisco Castleberry Urn in the Accent Decor Collection. over and over. We use them outside of businesses and homes with plants. We also use them as altar arrangements like shown here at Bridget + K.T.'s wedding (photographed by Amanda Olivia) at the Taylor Grady House in Athens, Georgia -- which is featured on Carats & Cake. They're light enough for easy transport and heavy enough to hold their own weight. Ours have been painted a range of colors as they take paint well. 

Taylor Grady House in Athens, Georgia Wedding
You can see the small and the large below: