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Accent Decor

Ezzie Elephant Gold Pot

Ezzie Elephant Gold Pot

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Featuring a gilded elephant silhouette, this gold pot is a fitting vessel for your most cherished botanical planting whether it's a real or artificial plant. Plus, flower arrangements!  

Ezzie elephant gold brass pot is easy to use  with flowers, succulents and plants. Sturdy and durable.

Makes a gift they’ll always remember while it is great for parties, events and branding, too. 

  • Metal
  • This item is intended for indoor use only
  • This item does not have a drainage hole
  • Watertight
  • Wipe clean with damp cloth
  • Imported
  • Brand: Accent Decor


  • 4.25"H, 8.25"L, 4.25"W

I love elephants... always have. Did you know elephants are emotional? They cry when they are upset, squeak and trumpet when they are happy, and are the only animals other than humans to grieve for the dead.

If you live locally, I can help you pack Ezzie full of delicious succulents and plants, she ships well and is fantastic. 

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