Clear Glass Cloche Dome

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If there is a blueprint for pulling off old world charm with a mix of modern elements, the Clear Glass Cloche Dome is ABSOLUTELY included! Although among the most versatile home decorations,  cloches go back to 19th-century France originally created to protect garden plants from frost. From a reception covered with hundreds of blooms and plants to a clear top living room nestling of succulents, pressed flowers, air plants,  collected keepsakes, candles or little light decor there's so much to fall head over heels in love with about this versatile mainstay.


This versatile mainstay. They may be used to make a terrarium in concert with a tray or another receptacle; to cover, protect, and showcase food awaiting service; or to cover and protect a potted plant or decorative item.

Elegant accoutrements, the Glass Domes in our California based HomArt Collection are available in five sizes. The mini dome measures 4 x 5.5; the small dome measures 5.5 x 8; the medium, 7 x 13; the large, 11 x 11.5; and the extra large, 11 x 20.

  • Crafted from brass and glass.
  • Finished in Bronze.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Imported


length: 11 in
width: 11 in
height: 11.50 in 29.21 cm
diameter: 11 in 27.94 cm
cube: 0.03
weight: 4.05 lb 1.84 kg
material: glass