H.L. Franklin Franklin's Raw Honey

In lush climate of Georgia, flowers and trees produce lots of blooms, and you know it, the local bees produce some of America's best honey. It's naturally flavored with pollen that smells delicious. Of course, our favorite is the Wildflower crafted by the bees and harvested by local beekeepers using age-old family apiarist methods. And since it is never heated, filtered or even pasteurized it keeps all of it's natural vitamins, minerals and flavors. 

Wildflower Honey: Legendary for its subtle, complex flavors, this luscious honey is created from the pollen and nectar of a ton of different flowers, trees, bushes and grasses in the South Georgia region. Mild. Floral overtones. This is the one to use in baked goods with fruits and vegetables. Plus rumors abound that it relieves seasonal allergies. It's wild and free (of course, we like this one since we're being honest!). Origin always matters to us, though you can find this honey throughout the world the farmers are from here. We know them. And think they're a super cool family. 

  • Made in USA
  • Tupelo, Crystallized Cotton, Wildflower, Gallberry 
  • Sizes: 5 oz mini jars, straws

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