Custom Botanical Composition in Historic Cloche Stand

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Glass and metal in a gold finish, the Historic Cloche Stand comes in two pieces including the bottom and the top. The glass dome tops the quirky, whimsical and modern silhouette of the metal base for a piece both practical, unique and full of personality. 

... love this container!! 🪵🌿🌾
This arrangement includes: the sweetest tropical plant, pebbles and mood moss. A few ornamental pieces may be tucked in for fun.  It stands just 10.75 tall. 
We can deliver to friends or pick up if in the Atlanta area.
Another option is you can buy the container and make one for yourself!! 💖🌿😁 #CHOFatHome


Historic Cloche Stand Container Details: 
5.0 x 5.0 x 10.75
Brand: Accent Decor