Lemon Cypress In Growers Pot, 1 Gallon

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Named for the citrus scented fragrance as well as its bright golden yellow color, the Lemon Cypress is a colorful, compact evergreen shrub. This conifer is best grown in proximity to where family and friends gather, thriving outdoor during warmer seasons but should be moved inside when temperatures dip below freezing to avoid damage. Growing indoors during winter months provides aromatic experience as well as an opportunity to decorate as a miniature Christmas tree for the holidays. When planted in a container, this California native is often placed near doorways, windows, tables, and walkways where the sweet lemony aroma can be fully experienced. The Lemon Cypress grows best indoors or outdoors in USDA Cold Hardiness Zones 7 through 10. This colorful evergreen reaches a compact mature height of 6 ft. with a narrow width of 2 ft.
  • Strong citrus scented fragrance
  • Indoor/outdoor shrub
  • Golden evergreen foliage
  • Compact height and width
  • Plant near entrances and walkways for full effect
  • Locally Grown, Atlanta, Georgia Area 

More about the Lemon Cypress Tree: 

The Lemon Cypress tree (Cupressus macrocarpa) is also known as Monterey cypress, Goldcrest cypress, lemon cypress Grinch tree, lemon cedar, or lemon pine. It is a tree that belongs to the group of evergreen conifers and comes from southern California, more specifically from Monterey Bay -hence its name-.

The most striking thing about this subspecies of cypress is that it has a strong lemon scent, perceptible when its leaves are rubbed. It is also characteristic of its pyramidal shape and yellowish-green scaly leaves. Its leaves are perennial and its fruits are similar to a pineapple. Lemon Cypress growth rate is about an annual growth of 5 feet (1.5 m).