Library of Flowers Perfumed Luminary Candle

How to Use
To use the Wildflower and Fern Luminary, remove cover and light candle. Candle can be placed anywhere in the room and should be location should be chosen based on ideal glow. Keep away from flammable fabrics and stacks of flammable objects such as wood or paper. Make sure to extinguish flame when ready to put out candle.

Aroma for Wildflower & Fern
Top: English Cucumber    Middle: Davana      Bottom:Honeysuckle

Aroma for Arboretum:

Top: Green Cardamom    Middle: Ylang Ylang    Bottom: Amber Resin

Fragrant appeal. Deeply scented to envelop any space in lush aroma. Casts a flickering glow that captivates as it transforms the feeling of a room.

Key Ingredients:
Authentic soy wax blend formulated to burn evenly from first light to last.

2.375" H 4.25" D

Fill Weight:
7 oz | 17 hr burn time

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