Live Mood Moss,

Live mood moss is artistic, beautiful and makes gorgeous terrariums. We use it every day. Plus you can put this piece in the shadiest section of your yard to grow yourself. 

This is a gallon bag of living green moss in different size sections. Also called Frog Moss. 

Care instructions:  

Living mood moss grows in compact clumps with feathery plumes atop. It's easy to care for in terrariums than pillow moss 

When watering open style terrariums you should be sure that the soil is soaked for the first time but no standing water can be seen after a few minutes. Then do this at least once a week like you would water a houseplant. The open style also likes to be misted so give it a few squirts as well.

Closed style terrariums do not need to be watered as often. You do need to be sure the soil is soaked the first time, again no standing water. Then about every 2 weeks or so you may need to mist again. It is better to underwater than to over water.

Taking the lid off at least 1 time a week helps for air circulation too.


Mood Moss Box. Natural. Air Dried. 1.75 cubic Feet 0032  61.95


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