The Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival isn't complete until there's something for the makers! Join us with the Thomasville Center for the Arts Creative Covey to create an arrangement using seasonal flowers and develop a more natural design style. 

Come celebrate the season’s bounty with a two-hour floral design workshop, artfully presented by Ashley HomeStore while under the creative direction of 2017 Mayesh Design Star, Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers. We’ll be talking about new, liberating foam-free techniques, plus flower stories and color theory galore. You’ll work with a premium flower recipe featuring the starts of the season sourced from local growers and around the world. Christy has spent the last two years teaching and traveling the globe including Ecuador and China, but she is thrilled to be back home in South Georgia. This event is truly something special!

Workshop Includes:

  • Demonstration + instruction of Christy’s creative process in arranging flowers.
  • Q&A opportunity with Christy
  • Take-home container
  • Take-home shears and all supplies
  • Take-home floral design
  • Take-home professionally styled photo by Kim Cornish, Director of Visual Merchandising and Design, Ashley HomeStore
  • Entry to the Fine Art Show & Sale
INVESTMENT:  $125 per person
Thomasville Center for the Arts | 600 East Washington Street
Thomasville, GA 3179


I've never wanted to stick flowers around just because —I want to make art people live with, love, give, share and remember... in a way that's easy and meaningful. Almost everywhere I go I think, "everybody can do this." I want to make our lives happier, intentional, more beautiful, smarter and more alive through flowers.

When I'm in cotton or linen I feel most myself, in time worn leather booties, or in very high heels. Rarely, do I say no to good coffee. I love learning, finding the best nature and humananity have to offer, the balance of simple and complex, rich and poor, young and old, feminine and masculine, raw and refined. I believe just about everything is in the story.

I live with my husband and two children: Beatrice and Whitaker,  in Statesboro, GA (barely north of Savannah and east of St. Simons Island) all just a few hours from my Grandmother's house in Nashville, Georgia. - Christy Griner Hulsey

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Gratitude to following brands helping to create, define and implement this experience: 

EcoFresh Bouquet Green Floral Wraps Sponsors Colonial House of Flowers Floral Workshop in Thomasville, Georgia

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