Olive Topiary Terra Cotta Pot by Park Hill

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A thoughtful gift or meaningful accent for any place, the hand picked Olive Topiary realistically replicates the oblong, silver-hued leaves that have symbolized everything from peace to success since ancient times.

An aged terra-cotta clay pot and fruiting olives at varying stages of maturity add to the lifelike appeal let you bring the outdoors in with this lifelike piece. You will love it! The leaves are authentically silvery in a way that is refined year-around and adds elegance to any space in a  way that is timeless, classic and beautiful.

Olive trees, branches, oil and foliage is a long standing passion of CHOF. If you've visited the store, been to an event or met Christy's grandmother Margie then you know one thing we know for sure, olive is awesome! 

 4" x 4" x 24.75"

Minimum quantity, 6 ea.