Estate Wood Box

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FREE SHIPPING Wood planter definitely gives a tree that right from the farm look with this Plantation Wood Tree Box by Park Hill Collection. Don't say we didn't tell you that it looks great in your house all year long. Great for real and faux trees and plants. We keep this up all year long with different botanicals. I have this these boxes at the shop and at home... love it this much. 

This gives a picture perfect look and lasts for ages. We know. We use it in our shop and at home. Real or faux Christmas decor you'll love this skirt or do you call it a collar? Put a collar on that thing! We do!

Fully lined tin, 24" x 24" x 18", has a raised bottom to give additional 6" height to tree, 12" deep to accomodate most 7.5'  - 9' tree stands.  Modern. Farmhouse. Rustic. Versatile. Fully lined with tin, it has a raised bottom to give the tree an additional 6" height.

Use for plants, large succulents, shrubs and cactus, throughout the year after the holidays!

Shipping information: 35.1 lb in a 27 x 26 x 21 Box