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Accent Decor

Gold Crescent Moon Shadow Planters

Gold Crescent Moon Shadow Planters

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The gold metal crescent moon shadow planter is the perfect container for succulents, candles plants, dried and fresh flowers, orchids and more. The possilbities are endless!

Brushed gold metal moon with natural patina, retro design and elegant dimensions that are whimsical and can be used as a planter, vase, bowl or a stand-alone sculpture for baby showers, weddings, corporate events, home decor and more.

The crescent moon shape is perfect for sorority events and gifts, and religious events.

Note: item is brushed gold and the patina is part of the charm. It may have imperfections as it's part of the aesthetic. If you want it matte and shine-y simply paint with appropriate gold and clear paint if you like. 

Brand: Accent Decor
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