Statesboro's Stork Delivery

Delight your pregnant friends & family members with a yard sign announcing to the neighborhood the birth of their new baby! The new mom is sure to be surprised when they drive up to find a large Stork or Baby sign announcing the little one’s arrival! 

How it works:
Just give us a call, after the baby has been born to let us know when the new mother and child will be discharged. Before mom and baby come home from the hospital, we will set up one of our “Super Stork” signs to greet them! 

We usually only need 24 hours notice to be able to deliver a sign to the recipient. Sign rentals are available for 4 or 7 days and we will be by to pick up the sign in the evening of the last rental day.

*As an add-on to our current Stork & Baby signs, you can add an extra special touch to make the surprise even more special for the new mom by adding balloons and a keepsake mailbox bow for the sign! 

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