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Woven by hand using select quality materials and traditional methods, the complex weave of each Willow Basket tells the story of the time and meticulous effort spent to craft each piece. Weaving is a centuries-old trade that was driven during the Industrial Revolution to fill the increased demand for functional containers. Willows are strong and flexible and the natural kink in each stem gives tightness and resilience to the finished basket. The generous sizes and assortment in shapes of our Willow Baskets enable them to be mainstay storage solutions in the home and garden with a quality that will allow them to become heirloom pieces for generations to come. Bring indoors during rain and frost to preserve longevity.
Expected Ship Date:  Sep 29, 2022

Round Willow Baskets by Colonial House of Flowers Atlanta, Georgia


Small: 11.5x11.5x3.5
Medium: 15x15x4
Large: 18x18x5

Each set includes two small, two medium and two large baskets. 

length: 18 in
width: 18 in
height: 5 in
cube: 0.02 cbft
weight: 3.80 lb
material: willow