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We are Colonial House of Flowers, created by Brian and Christy Griner Hulsey. Watch videos, shop curated collections, explore design and other creative workshps and visit us in Atlanta.

Our relatives openend the shop opened in 1968 -- just up the road to the coast not far from the countryside. In 2004 we came together with a rallying cry to keep it alive while making it our own in ways that are honestly everything we are. What was true then is still true today: home is our favorite place to be.

We have found that through life's challenges and joys home is always right in the thick of it. For us, It's messy and fun... and pretty. It's what holds us, and what lifts us. It’s where we relax, where we rejuvenate, and where we bring friends and family. We have also learned that home isn't. place or a location. It's a feeling that you know, love and always come back to - everywhere you are.

We believe these things so whole heartedly that everything we do at Colonial House is in hopes of inspiring people to create a home and a life of joy and grace. And whether you find us online or at markets in Atlanta, inside the pages of our blog or on the Youtube videos, it is our goal to make sure that any time you spend with us helps get you home.

Good fun, honest kindness, tight friendships, tough families and home make the world go around.

Plants, flowers and a story are Christy's medium. She says, "I am grateful for childhood days being sent to the garden by my grandma, where learned a language that gracefully translates into the magical world of floristry. I’d say my style is old-world, painterly, elegant yet rebellious... individualistic." It's always the same, yet always different.

Armed with a logistics degree, passion for sustainablity and years of trade experience as a low and high voltage electrician, he can spot good craftmanship and knows how to get furniture, gardening, lighting and lifestyle products we love from us to you.

We hope you find inspiration for your home and life with our Colonial House of Flowers story. It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. And, we thank you for being a part of it!

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