Crafter's Artisan Table

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Don't say we didn't warn you! You'll get all of the projects done and be HAPPY about it with Crafter's Artisan Table. This industrial furniture is ideal for any craftsman who requires an adaptable yet refined and stylish work surface. Whether it's your store front, garden shed, or basement this table is sure to make an impact in your office or workspace.

This table is a bridge between living, learning and working spaces. In fact, we've seen it used for home school to home office and used on-site by florists at events.

It's flexible, organized, open and within our Park Hill Collection that's defined by high quality material. It's a uniquely designed antique reproductions that brings happy memories of childhood things. It's built to inspire the expression of creativity. It satisfies the natural nostalgic desire for the way things used to be and need for durability.


Christys Crafter's Artisan Table is durably constructed from a combination of items are are easy-to-clean because everything has to be around here, since we are being honest! Large with the metal overhanging workspace pieces provide roomy area for creative collaborations for all kind-suh-tings! 

78.75 INCHES x 35.5 INCHES x 86.5 INCHES

Behind every CHOF item there's a story. And, behind every story there's someone just like you - living, working and dreaming! 



  • Large flat work surface
  • Durable construction features an easy-to-clean finish
  • Keep art supplies accessible and organized with metal over hang bar. 
  • Product Details
  • Item Dimensions: 78.75"L x 35.5"W x 86.5"H
  • Materials: Iron and fir wood
  • Assembly Required
  • Ships by Truck