Featured: Equiflor LivRio Magazine December 2019 Issue #34

Featured: Equiflor LivRio Magazine December 2019 Issue #34

Christy Hulsey Brunette Florist in Valentino Black White Dress Photo by Josh Morehouse 

Each month, LivRio features an interview with one of the industry’s hottest floral designers, to find out what inspires their creativity and learn about new trends. This month, they interviewed me! 

Atlanta Statesboro Georgia Based Floral Designer Featured in Industry Magazine as Hot New Desinger

Dear Equiflor & Rio Roses, 

I have to express sincerest appreciation for the time you devoted to learning more about me, and Colonial House of Flowers. I appreciate the way Carolina Mojena conducted the interview with genuine interest in my background, fascination with passing down this manual job to the next generation and interest in sustainability.

The December 2019 issue of LIvRio is beautiful! 

Despite being in a vulnerable position (on bedrest recovering from surgery), I learned a lot through the discussion. Thanks to Carolina and Maya Sagastume's patience and professionalism. For instance, Rio Roses 700 acres of farm in Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic are committed to sustainable practices and taking care of your people. And, that takes the whole respect thing up a notch! We are one world with many differences but a single language that's  universal  - flowers. 

I also found out that like us, you began family owned. And, are committed to improving the industry to help it grow in positive ways. You care. The well written article on page 18 is proof. It is clear you are fostering the inclusive, team-based approach that's essential to leveraging diversity and spurring innovation. 

Equiflor LivRio December Issue featuring Christy Griner Hulsey Hot  Floral Designer

I am grateful you are able to look past my injury (with it's compromise to my brainwork) to discuss important things that make me enthusiastic about your goals and our industry.  Should you have any additional questions regarding my background or my passion for world flowers, please let me know.
I appreciate the interview. Have a great week!
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