Mayesh Design Star Series

A brand-new collection of original how-to and diy floral design shows curated by Yvonne, Ali & Jen for Mayesh Design Star with Justin Paey Productions.

Available now on Youtube. 

Bloopers first, 

January, Mayesh Design Star: Modern Garden Valentine Arrangement 

February, Unexpected Containers

March, Spring Door Wreath

April, Mayesh Design Star: Tropical Garden Style Design 

May, Wearable Flowers 

June, Smilax & Floral Arbor 

July, Garden Style Bridal Bouquet 

August, Garden Style for Retail Florist 

September,  Large Sale Altar PIeces

October,  How To Work With A Stylist 

November, Floral Hoops 

December, Unexpected Holiday Floral Arrangement

Mayesh Design Star Flower Workshop 

Interview Mornings With MayeshMayesh Design Star, Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers, joined us to share with you about her experiences as a floral business owner and as a Mayesh Design Star!

Some day when I have time I will write to tell you how great an experience representing Colonial House of Flowers as the Mayesh Design Star was for me personally, our team and our 50 year old family run flower business. 

Until then!  

In 2021 Mayesh Design Star is presenting Beautiful People of the Flower Industry. Look out,  you could be next! 


You could be next! 
These videos were tough, but fun and worth it.
We couldn't have made it through that year without lots of help.
So much credit to:
Jen McJunkins
Lora Clifton
Hustle & Blow Dry Bar
Justin Paey Productions
Tale Wind Visuals 
Kelli Boyd Photography
Katrina Barrow Photography
Whitewood Events
Tristan Needham Design 
The Happy Bloom 
and, an amazing teamCHOF!
Amanda Currier
Lanier Hays
Megan Johnson
Derek Eason
Katlyn Baxter
Brian Hulsey
Accent Decor
Rosaprima Roses 
Design Master Color Tool 
Oasis Floral Products
Kate Spade NY
Lion Ribbon 
Cameron Hughes Wine