Meet Colonial House

T H E  D E S I G N E R S
Statesboro's & Georgia Southern Athletics Official Florist 
We have an amazing dream team at Colonial House of Flowers. Really. Dedicated, devoted, loyal, patient, humorous, sensitive and incredibly creative, each florist on our team is hand picked to share their unique talents. The doors to our florist opened in 1968... and we've been delivering to Statesboro and Georgia Southern ever since!

Christy Hulsey

Owner/Creative Director

Amanda Currier

Design Assistant 

LaVene Koepke

Design Expert

Lillian Brown

Delivery Expert

Kaitlyn Baxter

Design Assistant

Megan Johnson

Design Assistant

Lanier Moore

Shipping Expert

Morgan James

PR Expert

Taylor Ellen

Shop Assistant

Brian Hulsey

Event Lighting Expert

Laura Godbee

Design Expert

Carolyn Phillips

Design Expert



Our florist enthusiastically deliver to Georgia Southern University, East Georgia Regional Medical Center Hospital, Statesboro and the world – by sidewalk, bicycle, or van and always with a kind smile.

So, come visit. Please join us if you’re in the neighborhood!

We’re here to inspire beautiful, effortless floral decorating, entertaining for every occasion and thoughtful gifting for everyone on your list – in our studio, online and over the phone.

Enticing. Simple. Realistic.

Our floral design studio is the corner shop of the Market District. We’re pleased to tell you that, it's our home. And, we couldn’t be more excited… or crazed. It’s a dreamy, breezy, light, little space dedicated to all the things we love — white walls, lush coolers, fresh blooms, thriving plants, vases, dirt, silver platters, artwork, an espresso bar and plenty of room to get creative.

The studio is complete with work stations, walk in cooler, craft closets, baskets of crafty-things, tools, glue, vintage holding containers, lots of buckets… and boocoodles of ribbon. We enjoy the pleasure of designing in our studio, which is not too far from the garden. We bring in fresh clippings every day.

We’re proud of our exclusive products. Our in-house designers, expert craftsmen and artists draw inspiration from all over the world to create unique collections that are personal and unique – and we always hold ourselves to the highest standards of artistry & quality.

Social media is the ideal way for us to share easy tips, favorite recipes, inspiring photos, as well as extend our celebrated customer service. We continue to challenge ourselves to stay connected and share relevant information that will inspire every day – through our blog and on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Periscope and Twitter.

Colonial House has a store in Statesboro, Georgia, as well as worldwide delivery, shipping and travel throughout the world. .

We're a member of the Chapel Designers,  an international group committed to an amazing standard of excellence in wedding, flower and event design. If we are unable to get flowers delivered for you, we know someone who can! 

We believe that giving back starts at home.

From creating a happy workplace to finding real ways to get involved in our community, giving to this place we live & work is what we believe. our mission starts at our house, at home. we empower our employees to join forces seeking local civic opportunities, that bring us closer together as a team, spur individual growth and allow us to channel our energy, time, love and talents in meaningful ways that are important to us.

Our florist are committed to using our business platform in every way that we can to make the Statesboro, Savannah, Georgia Southern and the world a better place.