Colonial House of Flowers Featured in Coastal Living Magazine Table For Twenty by Simple Nature Decor Blog

Colonial House of Flowers Featured in Coastal Living Magazine Table For Twenty by Simple Nature Decor Blog

When garden design tablescapes started to steal the hearts of every interior decorator out there, a trend was born and it hasn't gone away over the last, at least ten years. Alright, maybe even, twenty. The trend is (and has always been) seasonal yard flowers and luxury blooms mixed. In in the early attempts it was a stitch raw and DIY but it's evolved to much more elegant style choice.

Like guys, I meant for it to look this way... garden-y, I mean. I can distinctly remember a time when local icon Mrs. Carolyn Phillips, who started the Colonial House of Flowers with her husband Elmer down in south Georgia, walked by one of my designs and said, "that looks like a kindergartner made it." And, that is EXACTLY how I want it to look. I want the hours and money spent to be a secret. I WANT it to look like it came right out of the garden. Uncontrived. Simple. Organic. And, realistic. I want it to look plucked straight from the backyard, well, the backyard of my dreams. 

Don't get me wrong I am a big fan for of high style, contrived floral compositions that are full of rules and design principals. But, personally, I way prefer intentionally working a few whimsically placed branches, leaves, blooms, and berries into the overall table design for appreciation for effortless. So, rulers, and triangles, and rule books and judges, while I will remember you fondly, I am loving a more mature and meaningful direction. 

All this said, when Plum Productions asked me to be the signature florist for Southern Living & Time Warner's Coastal Living Magazine 20th Anniversary Event, I wanted a mix and match appeal to be authentically apparent down in Habersham, South Carolina at "Table for Twenty." 

You can do traditional bright white, scalloped table numbers, but then pair them with garden flower arrangements of internationally gathered peonies or anthuriums and locally foraged ferns and grasses; you can use delicate blooms in the outdoor summer streetscape down yonder in the low country.  Long story short, curating designs for each of the 20 tables competitively designed (in hopes of winning first place) by Southern Living Interior Decorators is one of my favorite floral stories and memories. 

I do love a good flower story and there's no body who weaves it better than Manhattan native, coastal Carolina blogger, Maria of Simple Nature Design. I'd love to share some highlights from her post below. Click over her to see all the full pretty

Yours Truly, 





Coastal Living Magazine 20th Anniversary Party Featuring Table Floral Design By Colonial House of flowers


 "I was super thrilled to attend Coastal Living magazine 20th anniversary celebration “A Table for 20”. It was  a night under the stars with coastal inspired cuisine, cocktail and design.  I recently purchased a lot in Habersham, so you can imagine my excitement that coastal living magazine chose this charming location out of all the coastal communities to have this amazing anniversary celebration.

The table for 20 event featured a cocktail reception under the 300 year old oak tree, followed by a 3 course dinner to a dessert station. Each tablescape was set for twenty guests and decorated by a Coastal Living interior designer  inspired from Coastal Living’s archives of magazine covers from their 20 years of publication. Jean Marie and myself were in heaven admiring all the unique tables. My eyes were glued to my camera lens. I was so blown away by the organization of this event, the service was impeccable, the food and drink were plenty! The event was organized by the community of Habersham Marketplace which is the heart and soul of the award-winning town."

- Maria Simple Nature Decor


There's Maria looking stunning and one of my tables in the background! 





There were over 400 people attending this event expertly curated by Jodie Miller with Beaufort, South Carolina based Plum Productions




If this inspires you to make to arrange flowers and plants for your own garden inspired centerpieces check out the vases and containers I used in our shop

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