Featured: Sunshine And French Lace, Belle Luminere March 2017

Featured: Sunshine And French Lace, Belle Luminere March 2017

One of the most important days in a woman's life is the day she brings a child into this world. It's important to have a talented photographer capture the moment of Motherhood in an authentic way that you'll treasure. There's no one more an expert for this than Katrina Barrow Photography. And I probably don't have to be the one to tell you boudoir sessions are really popular. I love every notion that this photographer virtuoso has so when she commissioned florals for a motherhood boudoir session it's no surprise I was all IN! 

You'll see the floral styling is everything. From the textural centerpiece  (featuring garden roses jasmine vine, chocolate cosmos, orchids, protea from Kelly at Mayesh LAX, foraged eucalyptus and tulip magnolia + more!) to the succulent from the Pottery Barn faux botanical collection Belle Luminere has stolen our hearts with the artful beauty of the post. 

It was every intention to celebrate femininity, channel inner beauty and moody confidence with a timelessly romantic floral recipe. I wanted to respect the elegance and sensuality of the vision. I arranged the blooms in smoothed lined scallop rimmed Chelsea Vase from the shop. We delivered it with candles and a  whimsical faux succulent from Pottery Barn. Get ready, what she did is stunning. Click over to see it featured by Belle Luminere Sunshine And French Lace. Excerpt below. 




Best White And Black Ranunculus Budvases in Window by Colonial House of Flowers


Katrina Barrow  |  kbarrowphotography.com

Lets admit it. After having children finding to feel gorgeous, feminine and sensual is nearly impossible. Gone are the days of cute rompers in the morning and french lace at night. This doesn’t have to be the case. As a motherhood photographer we wanted to showcase a boudoir session that was elegant and romantic while still being classy and modest. With soft and textured fabric options and rich colored blooms we captured the essence of being a stunning woman and not just a mother. ” – Katrina

If this has you in the mood to make something pretty with fresh cut flowers try the Chelsea Vase from our shop. Or, if you want to add whimsy with artificial botanicals like we did you can find those in the Faux Plants & Flower Collection. Make sure to visit us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and tag @colonialhouseofflowers. 

Dress: lilybridal
Floral : Colonial House of Flowers
Makeup : Molly Maxine Boutique
Hair : Chelsea Knudson

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