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The Floral Shop Podcast, Interview

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Ziv Raviv, owner and founder of KIVI Media. I am honored to discuss the marketing and business sides of the Event and Floral industries on episode (lucky) number 3.

I am intrigued by his experience and industry knowledge. Anyone who loves flowers, stories and events and is especially interested in the public relations and back story of success in the the floral and event industries should listen this discussion of how-to go about-it in a different way.

🍂 Colonial House of Flowers' success is based on a strong foundation started in 1968 and through the support of friends, family and people all over town, state, country and the world has allowed it prosper through seasons of change. 

⌛️ Under 30m interview 

📖 By seeking out learning opportunities and being authentic CHOF transitioned from a traditional flower shop to the business we are today. 

🥇 Happily, I accepted trivia challenge on the show and won! 

🎧 Listen to our full conversation here:

I am grateful for this opportunity. Thank you for having me!


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Christy Griner Hulsey Discusses Flowers & Events & Business From An Atlanta Perspective
Show Notes:
  • Christy shares the backstory of acquiring the Colonial House of Flowers, a shop in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with roots dating back to 1968, and the process of revitalizing the business
  • Learn about the pivotal decisions and strategies that played a role in modernizing the shop and adapting to contemporary industry standards
  • Insights into the transition from a traditional retail model to an international luxury design studio in Atlanta and the key revenue streams driving the business today
  • Christy discusses the importance of authentic branding and the role of social media and digital marketing in growing the floral business
  • The significance of workshops, collaboration with brands, and community involvement as growth levers for the business
  • The shift from a larger team to a more streamlined operation using independent contractors, focusing on the core aspects of the business
  • Christy reflects on the journey of personal and business growth, emphasizing authenticity, adaptability, and the joy of focusing on what truly matters
  • A fun and informative Q&A session with Christy, covering topics from floral design techniques to marketing strategies, providing both entertainment and educational value


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This episode features an interview with:

Entrepreneur. #1 Florist in the South.

Christy Hulsey is the owner and principal designer of the Colonial House of Flowers in Atlanta, Georgia. Since taking over in 2011, Christy has modernized this shop, established in 1968, shifting its focus from traditional funeral arrangements to innovative design collaborations with major corporations and cultural institutions. Her business philosophy emphasizes authenticity and personal connection, which she believes are key to her success. 

Christy is also an industry educator, known for her role as the Mayesh Design Star in 2017, where she produced instructional videos and workshops. Embracing the Japanese art of Ikebana, she values the beauty in imperfection. Recently, she’s streamlined her business to focus more on her passion for floral design and fostering relationships, demonstrating a commitment to personal fulfillment and professional excellence. 

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Diving Deeper:

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