Musgrove Floral Wear Turned Fine Art When Fashion and Floral Art Collide, Featured by Carol Hannah

Musgrove Floral Wear Turned Fine Art When Fashion and Floral Art Collide, Featured by Carol Hannah

Breathtaking gowns from one of the world's most influential designers, a historic backdrop under the Spanish moss, and a spotlight on one very special gathering to learn the art of wearable floral art. On this day, the Colonial House of Flowers Master Class was brilliantly transformed into a world class event... and all we can say was wow -- what an event to remember! 



Held at the famous landmark of Musgrove right on the banks of the the Golden Isles, marched right across the river from Sea Island, set the scene for a magical morning. The fresh day break air was a refreshing celebration of love, flowers, fashion and art. And, my dream.


Very different to the classic flower workshop market, this event featured luxe blooms from all over the world in one heart-stopping spectacle full of all the things I hold dear. From the absolute creativity in the attendees floral designs to the magnificent gowns, modeling, make up and photography-- there is just so much to celebrate. 


Before I get to the gowns and the floral wear created by attendees (believe me, they're like nothing you've seen yet, I'd like to take this chance to touch our our partners, Lindsay Nowak Designs, Corbin Gurkin Photographer, Passionflower Sue, American Grown Flowers, Mayesh and Rosaprima. Each were hand picked and are the reason we need to come together to with people and brands that you believe in and want to lift up. I am so proud of this event we organized and can't wait to see what the future holds for everyone. 

Below you will see the post just as featured. I am grateful for this dream workshop to be featured by Carol Hannah Whitfield on her blog. Carol Hanna is famous for whimsical gowns with fluid movement, innovative textiles and unique detailing. May we all make beauty together like we did this day with unmistakable flair. 

Yours Truly, 



Musgrove Floral Wear Turned Fine Art When Fashion and Floral Art Collide, Featured On The Carol Hannah Blog 


Gowns:  Elealis and Nemoria  |  Lens:  Corbin Gurkin  |  Florals:   Colonial House of Flowers    |  Hair and Makeup:  Ashley Brook Perryman  |  Styling:  Lindsey Nowak | Floral Sources: Mayesh, Certified American Grown Flowers, Rosaprima  | Location: Musgrove, Saint Simons Island, Georgia 


Carol Hannah

Meet Carol Hannah Whitfield  

Meet Carol Hannah Whitfield, one of my favorite bridal designers. Known for  her bubby personality and cheerful smile plus romantic, feminine designs – Carol Hannah is hands down my favorite contestant on “Project Runway.” Prior to competing on the show in 2009, who is from Charleston, attended the College of Charleston where she earned a business degree. With her business degree in hand, she decided to pursue designing after being named the best emerging designer at Charleston Fashion Week and auditioned for “Project Runway.” However, she did not have any formal design training. Instead, while she was growing up she taught herself how to sew. She's amazing. 

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