3 of My Favorite Bathroom Plants

3 of My Favorite Bathroom Plants

Plants in every room of the house are a must in my book-- even the bathroom. But, they aren't always created equal. Decorating bathrooms with green plants is more popular than ever and today I'm sharing 3 of the best bathroom plants to up your style game a whole new level. 

Adding naturally colorful plants are an instant insert of cheer to your day and ideal for the bathroom. And, don't we all need a touch of whimsy to get our mental health off to a good start in the morning. 





Vanda orchids are admired for their alluring blooms that are often fragrant. They have other uses, too. The plant is pretty small at maturity and fully grown can fit in the palm of your hand. If you want color in your bathroom these easy to grow plants are the way to go. If the conditions are right they'll grow quicker than most anything else. You can display them in decorative pots or in terrariums. 

You can create plant arrangements yourself with DIY kits in our shop or we are happy to create and deliver one to you. Message us! 

Tip: Water your orchid once a week. 




The Monstera Deliciosa, known around here as the Swiss cheese Plant, is ideal for the black thumb club because it requires so little attention. There are lots of varieties that feature everything from variegated leaves to white and yellow colors. The Monstera adds a delightful touch of whimsy to any corner or counter and it likes shade. I like to split these plants into multiple pots because they are easy to propagate. 


spider plants in face planters CREDIT: BALCONYGARDENWEB


Spider plants are the BEST for bathrooms. They love humidity and simply, keep giving. You can cluster a few together or let them stand alone. They do well in hanging baskets, too. Spider plants offer a touch of happy to your space that is a bit tropical and whimsical. 

Spider plants require very little care and prefer indirect, bright light. To be honest, these plants are easy to keep alive and grow pretty fast in a humid bathroom. They thrive in there. Windowsills, counters and the floor are great places for these botanicals. You can also put them right in the shower with you -- next to the soap dish! :) 


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