It's true that football games, selfies in the leaf pile and roasting marshmallows will always be a few of our favorite Fall traditions, but autumn also inspires us to create natural, abundant, lush seasonal wreath arrangements to take our front door game above and beyond. Emily Burton Designs created this gorgeous entry display featuring our Colonial House of Flowers wreath artistically made by Christy Hulsey. The commissioned arrangement hung on a real home's opening ingress for Two Friends on St. Simons Island, Georgia Fall/Holiday Catalog photoshoot. The wreath is a mix of fresh foraged blooms in a faux base with air plants, moss, berries and blooms -- read on to hear how the method by the design so you can make one yourself! 

"It started with a mix of fresh magnolia leaves and seasonal fir over a faux wreath... of course, there's dollops xerographic air plants and generous heaps of moss," Christy says. With a simple color story of muted limes, deep mints cilantro shades of grassy greens with browns that are gingerly hazel and slightly-beyond chestnut brown - you guys! the fences are coming down. The liberty to be bold with the texture, the process and the final design is here. Don't stop. Get it. Get it.

It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful; and, by keeping it almost monochromatic you are free to create all the diversity you can fathom.

It's okay. Put it aaall in there. 









Being true to her organic style, Christy tucked Elaeagnus sprigs around the circlet. "Elaeagnus has so much personality," she says. The invasive hedge that was introduced from China and Japan, also goes by the name Russian Olive or Silverthorn. She added a layer small tillandsia and seasonal blooms about the design to give dimension. 

Salting tucked-in faux stems - for plump and fullness - Christy disguised exposed spots. 

As Brooke Roberts Photography 's images of the Golden Isles most famous yellow door show Emily Burton beautifully offset the asymmetry of the floral work.

brought in traditional and elegant design elements in the entryway to  She chose simple green boxwood topiaries in black wood boxes to ground the display. The symmetry created by the topiary placement gives a sophisticated balance to the romance and whimsy of the portal ornament. The overall vibe is classic. The layering of the square planters and the round wreath. 

The design possibilities are endless with this kind of seasonal wreath arrangement, so be fearless. And don't forget, foraging in your own yard or near by parking lot is the best place to begin the making, and we have all the extra reindeer moss you need tuck around and complete the look. Until next time! 

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