6 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Party with Images featured on Ivory & Beau

6 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Party with Images featured on Ivory & Beau

Whether it s a garden, farm, yard, field, hill, park, vineyard, beach side or mountain top, the options are endless for an outdoor party! And the result? Absolutely beautiful! If you are opting alfresco, congratulations! Honestly, from weddings to dinner parties it makes for the most romantic and pretty celebrations. Don't say we didn't warn you, they aren't as easy as they look.

It seems like since the pandemic every time I open my email I am asked the pros and cons of outside events these days so I thought it would be fun to share a "how to" alongside inspirational film imagery from fine art photographer Lisa Blume curated lovingly in Simply Borrowed: Paprika Southern Magazine at Ivory & Beau. Plus if you're searching for more invigorating charm like this you need to view the full gallery of images featured in Bohemian Jewel Toned Savannah Wedding Inspiration on Style Me Pretty

There are pitfalls and caveats, but if you approach getting together out in the open creatively and flexibly and follow these tips you're sure to shine on your event day.

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6 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Party

Avoid the Sun

Timing is everything. Consider morning or evening hours like sunrise or sunset. The temperatures are nice and you'll be surrounded by a soft warm glow of the sunshine. If a daytime event is a must be sure seating is oriented so guest's backs   are to the sun. If it is beachside or sunny consider offering sunscreen or hats. 

Mosquitos + Bugs

Be sure to provide insect repellent as a favor or place citronella candles about the space. A pretty paper fan is an option. A hidden bug zapper or fans aren't a bad idea, either. 


The greatest thing about an outdoor wedding is the seasonal beauty Mother Nature provides which can lend to a natural organic aesthetic. Minimalistic decor is advised especially if you've chosen a well landscaped area. You should visit the site before your wedding or event to see it things like the leaves are raked, grass is mowed and debris cleaned up.

Garlands, arches, and trellis' are perfect for outdoor parties as the frame the focal area to offer a place to take photos at an event or a frame a bride and groom for a wedding. Strings of lights, baskets, lanterns and torches are other options that can lend to a elegantly effortless feel. 

Remember the Power of the Wind

We learned this the hard way early in our career. Many an outdoor affair has suffered from a disappointing gust. I promise! This means, avoiding light fabrics for linens, dresses, and drapes. It means, the flowers in your hair cold blow right off or large floral Chuppahs or arrangement can blow over if not weighted. 

Create A Backup Plan

An indoor location as plan B is important because what are you going to do if it rains? Keeping umbrellas on hand is smart. And tents are an option just keep in mind a heavy downpour can soak (or flood, I am speaking from experience here) the ground underneath leaving guests and vendors with soggy feet and muddy dance.

Relaxing Floral Plan

Outdoor events fit my style best but they are really only for people who relax into the reality that things may not go as planned. The luxury and garden romance is well showcased with beautiful blooms. Uncontrived arrangements with natural movement and textures do well. And, the images I am sharing here prove just how gorgeous elements like fruit or plants can be. 

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself even though outdoor celebrations present a range of challenges out of our control, remember it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. And have yourself a very pretty party. 

Check out the captivating images and take note of the unique garland outside!  


"From SIMPLY BORROWED: Paprika Southern Magazine on Ivory & Beau:

We are huge fans of Paprika Southern Magazine, so when Bevin over at Paprika contacted asking if they could borrow a dress for their Fall issue, we said yes! Bevin got her Elaya Vaughn dress from us, and we love her! This amazing editorial was shot at [a vineyard not to far from Savannah and close to Charleston] by the amazing Lisa at Sweet Tea Photography. With styling by Yoj Events and flowers by Colonial House of Flowers, this shoot is stunning! The bride wore the gorgeous Krisin gown by Lena Medoyeff, which is soft, sexy and ever-so-perfect."

{Vendor Credits} Kristin Dress by Lena Medoyeff, available at Ivory and Beau // Hair piece by Twigs and Honey, available at Ivory and Beau // Location: Savannah + Charleston // Photography by Lisa Blume Photography // Styling by Yoj Events // Flowers by Colonial House of Flowers // Tux by Charleston Tuxedo // Rentals by Snyder Rentals
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