How To Care For Your Swiss Cheese Plant aka Monstera

How To Care For Your Swiss Cheese Plant aka Monstera

Reining from the tropics of south Mexico and Panama, the Monstera Plant is pretty easy to thrive. This plant (scientifically called Monstera Deliciosa) has earned the nickname "Swiss Cheese Plant" because of the holes in the leaves of a mature plant. Some folks call it a Philodendron Split Leaf. Call it what you will, but call it a friend. And call it my favorite! I love a Swiss Cheese Plant. 

Large Monstera Plant AKA Swiss Cheese Plant

Credit: ______theo

Hole-y Mole-y

One of the most distinctive things about the Monstera are the holes. Here's the cool part: the holes are to let the sunlight in! These plants, native to rainforest, live where sunlight is hard to come by because of the vegetation canopy above. The holes are how the plant has adapted and what makes it thrive. 

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Monstera Light Requirements 

Indirect, bright light will keep your Monstera thriving; however, these plants will adjust to medium light though it will make them leggy from reaching out for more light. I have mine at home in an east-facing window and he seems to do well. west-facing windows are great spots, too. The goal is to get enough light that is never direct enough to burn the leaves. 

If your plant has yellow leaves it may be indicating that it's receiving too much sun.

Monstera Water Requirements 

Regular watering is best when it comes to caring for your new (plant) man. Monsteras do best when soil is barely moist. Generally speaking, I let my Swiss Cheese Plant dry out before watering. It helps if I remember that they don't like their feet wet. What I mean is that in the wild they grow on other plants. That means they have aerial roots and are called epiphytes. I can't remember words like that so, I just think of their "feet" or aerial roots. Those roots can not take soggy soil. Once the top 2 - 4 inches of the soil are dry your baby can use some watering. 

You can name your Monstera. Mine is named, Big Mickey. He's big, which means he is in a big pot and I can give more water in the months of spring, summer, and fall when they do their growing. I wind back his water during the winter. When watering the key point is to avoid soggy soil. 

Monstera  Plant Care

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Fertilizing Monstera Plants

People always ask me about fertilizing plants. Honestly, I am not good at this part. Typically, I pick up a bottle of Miracle Grow for indoor plants at a Pike's Nursery here in Atlanta. 

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Poling Monstera Plants

Remember that your Monstera is a dancer who loves a pole! What do I mean? He is a vine and sincerely rewards you when you provide him with the support of a pole. Usually a Swiss Cheese Plant will give bigger foliage when offered a trellis or a pole. 

Monstera Plant in Bathroom

Credit: The Joy of Plants

Final Notes About Monstera

You can shop our real and faux monstera at the Colonial House of Flowers shop. I have both living and artificial plants at home though the biggest reward are from the real plants. To keep your thriving I suggest sincerely treating your plant with care whether it means naming your plant, bringing in specially collected rocks or seashells, or whatever it takes to help you remember you have a living being in your space that needs some of the same things you do like light, water and attention. 

Green Swiss Cheese (Monstera) Plant



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