Colorful Spring Summer Flower Arrangement on a White Cake Stand by Christy Hulsey, Colonial House of Flowers With a DIY on Pottery Barn Blog

Being a zealous lover of flowers, practical vessels and family get-togethers, I think the best way to celebrate the onset of these warm, sunny spring days is pulling together a cake-stand-centerpeice with my lady relatives. And when one of my tip-top brands, Pottery Barn, invites me share our traditions with them, round the girls up, I do. 

As I share on the Pottery Barn blog, this is a great excuse to get outside making something beautiful with people you love which is as important now as ever. Keeping things EASY, is the trick. Find ways that everyone can pitch in. And, relax. I've always said that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful - whether that's allowing someone else to gather the greenery or put their favorite bloom in. 

I love sharing simple DIY activities that work for all ages from kids to teens to moms and grandmas. And I can't forget about how much I treasure creating authentic posts like this with people I love with brands I value...  happy just thinking about this one from Mother's Day. Diana Daley captured everything about this heartfelt, beautiful moment beautifully, since that spring my Grandma Margie died. While my cousin Mackie is married and a successful realtor in Tifton. I look forward to creating more moments like this to share. In the meantime, find an excerpt below, and hop over to Pottery Barn's blog to find my tips for creating your own cake stand centerpieces! Always, CGH 



DIY: Cake Stand CenterpieceDIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece


Great White Cake Stand
Instant Aquafoam Brick
Floral Clippers
Floral Tape


Step 1: Gather your favorite elements: flowers, branches, leaves, and greens.

Step 2: Tape the water soaked Aquafoam to the stand.

DIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece

Step 3:  Add your greenery to make a foundation. It looks natural for some of the cascading greenery to drape off of the vessel in places, and stand tall in other places.

Step 4: Next, add large, lush, blooms (Peonies and garden roses work well.) low and close to the center of the stand.DIY: Cake Stand CenterpieceDIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece

Step 5: Add longer stemmed blooms of all textures, heights and sizes to float above the greenery and low round flowers. Place them in the flow and direction of your greenery, and let them move about the place.

DIY: Cake Stand CenterpieceDIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece

Step 6: Add fruits and vegetables for immediate visual interest and elegance.  Christy added green blueberries cut fresh from her mother’s garden to add to this meaningful, intentional, wild design.

According to Christy, “It’s really all about creating a beautiful little platter, a pretty story atop the charger of your life. The heights & textures of your greatest dreams, and all the things that have made you – you make the most beautiful vignette. Everything you need can be found within you and around you. You’ll be amazed at what you are capable of creating.”

If this has you in the mood for creating something beautiful using a practical container try something in our Vases + Pot Collection. Take lots of pictures and share them with us on Facebook or Instagram, @colonialhouseofflowers or #CHOFathome. I can't wait to see what you make! 

Venue: Botanic Garden at Georgia Southern University 
Photography: Diana Daley, Savannah, Georgia 
Floral Design: Colonial House of Flowers
Styling: Lauren Weems
Supplies: Syndicate Sales
Flowers: California Flowers with Mark Jackson at Mayesh Cutflower Atlanta
Inspiration: Slow Flowers by Debra Prinzing
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