Editor's Note: What better time to freshen up your living space than during a world -wide quarantine? The pros over at Pottery Barn dished out all the details on how to transform your pantry bowl into a functional centerpiece and dare we say it, pretty one! 

Pottery Barn's stylish hacks and tips guarantee a Pinterest-perfect home every time. You could say that, they're the best at it and bowls and containers are their bread and butter. You like puns as much as I do, right?  Nothing gives me more pleasure than a helping bring their artificial botanical line and serve-ware together in a way that is easy, natural and mood lifting.  We've made everything imaginable from full, floral gates and arbors to front doors. But no matter the scope, the approach remains the same. We shared it with Pottery Barn in a beautiful post you have to jump to their blog to see and now we're sharing it with you in the excerpt below... 



Whether your home’s style is traditional, modern, farmhouse, or industrial, there’s one thing that will look absolutely perfect in any setting: succulents! No matter the time of year, floral arrangements with succulents provide refreshing, eye-catching pops of indoor nature (even if the greenery is faux!).

In order to learn the basics of a beautiful succulent-based design, we reached out to our wonderfully talented friend, Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers. Take a look below to see how Christy effortlessly explains how to build your very own succulent arrangement, then get started on creating your own unique piece!

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How To Create Unique Succulent Arrangements

How To Create Unique Succulent Arrangements



Solid colors always look great together. Faux succulents are a classic stunner. Keep in mind, not everything has to be a tight and compact; it’s all about size, style, and value. Floral mixed with pops of color are easy for first-timers, too! Find something you really love, then choose clusters to match. I often base arrangements on my favorite things; find an item in the store that you love: pillowsabstract art, and rugs are great source of inspiration, so think outside the box! Try to match the color palette of your faux succulent stems to the item of your choice.

Using a recipe of lots of different succulents offers a base of distinct textures, sizes, and shapes. It’s no wonder it looks so pretty together in a vessel! Think tall, trailing, round, spiked, and lots of elements. Contrasting textures, shapes, and sizes look great and are the key to a natural design. Basically, succulents are either compact, long leaf, or tall, and the Pottery Barn collection is devoted to all three. To create a varied succulent arrangement, go for different. More uniform taste? It’s okay to select plants that resemble each other, too.


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The vase really sets the tone for how your arrangement will be perceived. Go for something unusual, like a keepsake. Classic Pottery Barn vases are always a great pick, but salad bowls, cake stands, tea cups, mugs, cocktail shakers, and dough bowls are unexpected, whimsical, and easy, too. I used the Portland Perfect Salad BowlEclectic Ivory Ceramic Vase, and an eco-friendly PB Found Dough Bowl to offer different options for varying tastes. All of these say something different — romantic, playful, flirty, classic, traditional, or fun. Think outside the box! Treat everything like a vase and let your imagination run wild!

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Start with the largest plant first to give a strong focal point to build from. Here’s a tip: Turn the plants upside down to fluff the petals to their full potential! The Agave for example, are tall and totally bendable. Spread out the leaves for value and great looks, and if you need material to stabilize your arrangement, simply fill your container with leftover newspaper, tissue paper, packing paper, or styrofoam.


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When it comes to succulents, it’s easy to select arrangements that are all the same color. In this case, that’s good news! Monochromatic stems can be grouped in a vase or bowl, or even as a door wreath for a look that’s effortless and stunning. To save time, add stems loosely for a more natural look.

Monochromatic palettes with faux succulents are impossible to get wrong, especially when you use your arrangement to reflect your personal style.

  • Add a dash of creativity to a family room by placing a small tray in front of a petite sofa, like one from Pottery Barn’s Small Space Solutions line.



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Pair your arrangement with something thoughtful, like a coffee mug or wine glass if it’s for a gift, or a statement lamp, picture frames, or tray if it’s a new bedside table look you’re going for. Choosing a Pottery Barn piece you love first and create a faux succulent piece around it is so fun, easy, and fresh.


Plant-based centerpieces are super easy to put together. The plants wind and weave together, creating works of art oozing with texture, color, and beauty that are perfect for any party or event, or just any spot in your home. They make great gifts, favors, and centerpieces, and they’re personal, sustainable, and look stunning atop every single table on docket! The possibilities are endless, don’t you think? These pieces also work fabulously on outdoor dining tables, and they can be left inside or outside to thrive throughout the season (weather-permitting!).



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Floral Design, Workshop Design, Supplies: Colonial House of Flowers / @colonialhouseofflowers

Project Assistant: Rachel Matthews, Georgia Southern University

Styling: Whitewood Events / @whitewoodevents

Photography: Noi Tran Photography / @noitran

Real Succulents Farm: Dramm & Echter / @dramm_and_echter

Real Succulent Source: Mayesh (@mayeshwholesalewith American Grown Flowers (@mayeshwholesale)

Workshop Location: BMA at Home / @bmaathome

Location: Athens, Georgia / @guide2athens

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