How To: Make A Flower Crown In Three Easy Steps

How To: Make A Flower Crown In Three Easy Steps

Yellow Orange Ranunculus Flower Halo by Colonial House of Flowers
DIY Orange + Lemon Colorful Flower Girl Halo 

I don’t know about you, but I have the best job in the world with days spent dreaming about beautiful things, looking for inspiration in the life around me to create moments, events, weddings and cemetery, sympathy and funeral flowers… all day hoping for hunches of fancy, flashes of revelation and twinkles of whim and knowing. As a mother, I’m forever searching for moments to share with the girls in my life specially my daughter and niece Lilly. There are no boundaries when it comes to including them in my work, my search for pretty and the making of it. 

The wee ones were there when we set the table with Pottery Barn and baked the Million Dollar pound cake. This is what they say: who says that flower girls have to carry baskets? So, circles of blooms it is. When they wanted flowers to wear we knew It’s time to get real, modern and colorfully classic, time to approach pretty with a few supplies to crown the girls with delicate lovelies. 

My beautiful niece Lillian Currier will help me spill ALL the goods in three easy steps. She's wearing a floral composition of ranunculus, and foraged nandina berry, found rabbit tobacco and boxwood. My sister, Amanda who also is a part of Colonial House of Flowers, whipped this together at Camp Tygart just outside of Valdosta, Georgia in Nashville. Follow these steps and you'll whip one up in quick time, too! 

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Yellow Orange Red Ranunculus Flower Crown by Colonial House of Flowers in Valdosta, Georgia at Camp Tygart


Step 1: Cut the bark wire to assemble the crown frame. Start by measuring the head to get an idea of how large the crown should be. Add an inch or so to the length for the addition of flowers. Shape the wire in a circle while reinforcing with a layer of wrapped around wire to make it sturdy.

Step 2: Gather a few flowers to trim. Wrap them with floral tape. It looks like a little bouquet. For a colorful aesthetic like ours, use vibrant blooms in rich primary colors plus some white. 

Step 3: Attach the mini bouquet to the wire. Tie loosely for an artistic look that allows movement.  And your done! 

Flower Crown at Camp Tygart in Nashville, Georgia by Colonial House of Flowers Colorful

Tip! Flower halos work great with curly or slightly wavy hair. Disheveled, natural and loose is perfect.  

Tip! For a bohemian, free spirited look wear hair down or add a few braided strands even a fishtail braid. 

Tip! Consider the other flowers of your event like the bouquet or centerpieces. Incorporate elements from both to give the environment cohesion. 

Tip! Color is important but consider texture and size of the blooms. A florist can advise you on which flowers are seasonal and work well together.



Photography: Javon Longiere Photography
Photography for DIY: A Different Brian Photography
Flower Selection: Mark Jackson, Cutflower Atlanta 
Floral Supplies: Syndicate Sales 
Floral Design: Christy Hulsey
Produced by Colonial House of Flowers for Camp Makery
Halo Model: Lilian Currier 

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