How To Make Homemade Mason Jar Arrangements Like A Pro

How To Make Homemade Mason Jar Arrangements Like A Pro

This next DIY flower project is SO adorable... perfect for a picnic inspired affair, gift giving and brightening up your house. Originally I created this post for Camp Makery and it was featured on The Southern C, it's just that it's so FUN. I have to share it here with you here at Colonial House of Flowers because seriously, how can you go wrong when the vase can double as a drinking glass, filled with Sangria (FAB). I also love the idea of filling mason jars with wildflowers even pencils and pens. Or, like my Grandma used to do, fill them with tomato relish! 

Jam jars are fascinating little things because of the endless possibilities.  Since spray roses are one of my most loved flowers and this is a flower shop I asked Betty Martin, a floral designer in our shop with 50 years under her apron, to show us how to marry these two elements simply, easily, and like a pro. And, she did!

Grab a few supplies,

And, whether as a centerpiece, tablescape, or by a bed in your home or as a gift, I happen to think this incredibly beautiful, and the simple design is total genius. In fact, I delivered this exact arrangement to Holbrook Living down in Decatur just this week. With these tips from a flower veteran, you can absolutely execute this on the fly, too. Look at this DIY and you'll be arranging spray roses in mason jars in no time! 


So tell me: Are you going to make one of these? I am eager to see your Jam Jar overflowing with spray rose knack. I know you’ve got it. Share your pictures on our Facebook page!


DIY Red Orange And White Roses in a Jar


-150 Ball 16oz Mason Jars
-Spray Roses, purchased at a flower shop or grocery store 
-Water, preferably with flower food added
-Double-sided satin ribbon, purchased online at Colonial House of Flowers

Red Orange And White Roses in a Jar

The first step is to choose your flowers. Seasonal flowers usually last longer and are the prettiest. You can forage greenery and flowers in your yard, neighborhood, parking lots and abandoned properties. Floral stems and buds can also be picked up at the grocery. Here in Atlanta Whole Foods supports local farmers like Erin Champion's Posie Fields in Roswell. and Trader Joes supports Certified American Grown Flowers. I like that! 

When picking out flowers at the grocery be careful. Look to see there are no broken  flower heads or stems and that the bottom of the flowers aren't slim-y. .

Red Orange And White Roses in a Jar

Once you pick your flowers then you gather them in your hand. One hand full is about the equivalent of what's in the jar. Trim the stems straight across about 1/2 inch below your hand. Once you figure this part out you can do these quickly. You'll can create an assembly line and you'll be making all the centerpieces for the next wedding in no time! 

As for styling, there are no real rules here, you can really style them any way you like and just go with the flow. Here, Betty clustered the colors and blooms. This makes it simple and quick. 

Red Orange And White Roses in a Jar

Red Orange And White Roses in a Jar

Finally, choose your ribbon. There lots of options. We found that double sided satin added a nice balance so that the arrangement wasn't too rustic. 



Red Orange And White Roses in a JarRed Orange And White Roses in a Jar

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