How To: Make Your Fresh Cut Tulips Last Longer

How To: Make Your Fresh Cut Tulips Last Longer

Tulips must be the most mischievous of all their blooming friends. You shouldn't have an ounce of distrust if the straight tulips you arranged yesterday are leaning, stretching, pointing and drooping today. They haven't gone bad and they're not wilting. They're doing their thing! 

drooping tulips in a vase BEREZKO

Martha Stewart says, "The sweeping bow of the tulip may be one of its most alluring charms, but it presents a challenge to the flower arranger." I admit these bandits can confuse beginning floral designers. They did me, at least. But they are fun and rewarding to arrange whether in a tight bunch or loose design with room for movement. Here's how to make them last longer. 

Tips to Keep Those Tulips Looking Good

In my experience tulips last about 7 days from opening. For the longest vase life:

    • Buy tulips with flower heads that are just starting to open. The bud should be a little closed. If they're still green leave them 'lone. 
    • Before you arrange tulips, trim the stem with sharp snips. 
    • Leave the flower food behind for tulips. 
    • Tulips are thirsty so check the water level every day. 
    • Tulips are the coolest... loving cool rooms and ice cubes in the water. 
    • Avoid heat from electronics, direct sun, lamps
    • Choose a tall vase. I recommend at least half as tall as the stem. 

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