“How To” Moon Gate Arches and Floral Hoops

“How To” Moon Gate Arches and Floral Hoops

I am IN LOVE with this project. So much so, that the way Desiree Dahlson writes it out as a "How To” feature on the blog of Mayesh might be my favorite of all time.   Since moon gates and floral hoops are really popular right now I want to  to bring that trend right to you  - and since most days I'm short on time - I wanted to share this DIY just as it was simplified down so perfectly.

And so you know, this is one of my favorite designs to create as the easy mechanics and effortless, organic aesthetic of the final product are an essential part of the signature of our studio. I love circles. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, by the end of this you will too. It’s just that easy! 




Moon Gate Arches and Floral Hoops


Moon gate arches and floral hoops can really add that wow factor to any event with their unique shape and ethereal nature. Plus, they're not hard to design once you get going. All you need are some clippers, zip ties/floral wire, a water source, and of course, those beautiful wholesale flowers. Then you just need the actual hoop or arch itself!



Have you ever wondered, though, where you can get your hands on a moon gate arch or floral hoop? If you have, look no further, because we did the research for you. Check out our list below, and let us know in the comments if you've found somewhere else to get one! 

Looking for a more DIY option? Quilting hoops or hula hoops work great - and they're both easy to find and inexpensive! Looking for a larger hoop or moon gate arch? Connecting with a local welder is a great option to be able to customize exactly what you want!

Check out our previous Mayesh Design Star Christy Hulsey as she walks you through how to design a floral hoop. Her tips and tricks are perfect for any size, from a small floral hoop all the way up to an extra-large moon gate arch! 


Host: Christy Hulsey,  Colonial House of Flowers | CHOF Team: Kaitlyn Baxter, Amanda Currier, Lanier Hays, Taylor Ellen | Styling: Whitney Downs, Whitewood Events | Videographer: Justin Peay Productions | Photographer: Kelli Boyd Photography | Floral Supply: Accent DecorOasis Floral ProductsDesign Master | Linens: Alanah Textiles | Table Linen: BBJ Linen | Plates: R. Wood Studios | Studio Space: Roxie Remley Fine Arts Building | Hair & makeup:  Hustle & Blow Dry Bar

If all the talk about moon gates and circles has you reaching for the stars for your next floral project check out our celestial garlands, votives and vases in the shop. I love circles and moons, like the Crescent Moon Shadow Planter

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