How to Use Color to Tie Everything Together at Your Event

How to Use Color to Tie Everything Together at Your Event

I am all about an aesthetic that plays with color-- a festive pattern, unexpected combination or creative accent can add a special touch to your event, and can really take things UP a whole level! The possiblities are endless when it comes to infusing hues into your event whether it's an event for business or personal. Here is a break down of some of our favorite ways to add cohesion to the overall tone and how to tell the story of your event or brand through your color palette. 


Location: Charleston, SC, Photography: Corbin Gurkin Photography

Build a Color Palette With Multiple Colors 

Rather than use one color exclusively, use variations of a main color or multiple  colors. The same tones can be used in the linens and florals for example -- just a variation of the same color. Infusing more color into your event drives visual interest and allows room to add whimsical touches to your overall event design and tables. 

Bright Green Napkin


Centerpiece: Colonial House of Flowers, Location: Two Friends, Saint Simons Island, Georgia, Photography: Brooke Roberts

Add a Pop of Color With Napkins

Every well-dressed table includes a napkin and there's not better than one with pinache. You can go bright, rich and fun or elegant or dark or classic or, well the possibilities are endless since we are being honest! This is also a place where you add texture to your event design. The color you choose can help direct attention to other design details like the centerpiece. 


Centerpiece: Colonial House of Flowers, Location: Swan House at Atlanta History Center, Photography: Julie Paisley 

The Best Colorful Addition: Florals

Flowers naturally add intensity to your event, complementing the colors of your table linens and other decor. The flowers you choose are important details in the overall event aesthetic and especially important when conveying a brand message or corporate story. Multiple colors tend to give a bright, joyful look while monogramtic are more subtle. 


Photo courtesy of Inessa Nichols Design

Use Color to Designate Venue Spaces

Let your color work for you. Color is a tool that can effortlessly tell a story through the entire event and space. Color can be used in pillows and lounge chairs and in arbors and step and repeats. When telling your brand story or conveying the event message colors are your best options to highlight outdoor scenery and to play with the indoor elements. Confident and bold use of color is a tool and Inessa Nichols Design does it very well (above). 



First Ladies Luncheon, Washington, D.C. Photography by Susie & Becky Photography

Use Tableware, Glassware, & Chargers for Subtle or Bold Color

Table accesories are an easy way to add color to small and big events. Glassware color is an interesting way to add cohesion to your theme and help convey your story. 



Photography: Linden Tree, Atlanta Botancial Garden

The Devil's in the Details

Or, so they say! Here are a few more ways to include more color in your event: 

  • Choose take home gifts in the color of the event
  • Serve a signature coctail using the event or brand colors
  • Print signs and invitations on colored paper with colored ink in the colors of the affair
  • Incorporate DIY stations of crafts that can be made in the event colors
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