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Our Utterly Beloved Flower Arranging Secrets With Imagery from Focus Bay

Our Utterly Beloved Flower Arranging Secrets With Imagery from Focus Bay


Where there's a will, there's a way! When dreaming up your next floral composition - whether it's for gifting, home decoration, a holiday party, dinner gathering or wedding-- consider these artful tricks of the trade we've learned along the way. After so many talented people postpone their wishes to arrange flowers, they decide they can't wait any longer, jump right in and put together something beautiful! It's not hard. 

Seeing is believing when it comes to those first attempts at flower arranging. And that's why I thought it'd be fun to enlist the help of imagery from a darling Baltimore based fine-art film studio called Focus Bay Photography. The pictures of the mixed blush and neutral color palette floral number we did for Design Studio South (who planned every sweet detail at Oldfield 1732 for Jeremy Chou) are proof that whatever you make with these tips will have us totally IN LOVE. 

Visit the full gallery to see every single inch of the authentic warmth of the roses, peonies and ranunculus down in South Carolina. And use the secrets below to create an utterly beloved bloom plan that'll be interesting to us all. 



Oldfield Plantation Styled Shoot 1



You'll need to determine the floral goal and the arrangement placement as both affect the vase choice. Tall vases are always great for entries, mantels, desks, and dressers while short vases like the Bogart Benoit White Compote and Lomita Lita Gold Metal Compote are nice for dinner tables. 



Visually predetermining the height and scale of the final design is helpful. For instance, for smaller vases, like the Seasoned Stone Sanctuary Urn you are aiming to hit one and a half times the height of the vase and two times the width. Remember that! Flowers that guests can see over look good on the table and add charm. Talking over this size centerpiece is easy and conversation is important. 



Start with your larger arrangements and save all those broken babies! All the scraps and breakage are amazing to work and save money. Not only can these pieces make small arrangements, they can be useful in  bud vases, spread around your house or venue and if it's a wedding - in detail work like boutonnières. 



Personally, I am drawn to arrangements that involve way more than flowers including branches, fruits, berries and sticks. Don't be surprised if you see a pair of clippers in my purse because I never know when I might walk upon parking lot wildflowers, Leave room for the unexpected to add a touch of whimsy and give your design a real sense of time and place. 




Arrangements featuring the same colors are called Monochromatic. This color plan is best articulated with flowers with lots of texture and definition so you can see each bloom. But, you can put every color you dream in the mix as long as it's unique. Pictured here, stems of ranunculus, lisianthus, and dahlia create a subtle yet interesting recipe. Greenery like olive branches are an option to add texture if the flowers are lacking. 



In nature, fauna competes for the sun while it's growing. The buds lightly point up to the sky and then fall to the ground upon heavier development. Think of this concept while arranging to explain why you want to use big headed blooms early and low and save your small, tight blooms for last. This design style offers organic moment that creates a natural garden arrangement. Plus it helps it all last longer! 


 Many thanks: 

Venue: Oldfield Plantation  |  Instructor: Jeremy Chou  |  Event Design: Design Studio South  |  Floral: Colonial House of Flowers  |  Rental: Amazing Event Rental  |  Hair/Makeup: Brides Side Beauty  |  Catering: Catering By Thrive  |  Stationary: Cake Papier  |  Calligraphy: every.little.something  |  Cake: Savannah’s Hall of Cakes  |  Car Rental: AE Luxury Limo  |  Models: Megan Johnson,  @therealbrit

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I am a florist, a teacher, a curator and most of all, a story teller who uses flowers.

If this inspires you create your own pretty things I'd love nothing more than to see what you make. I always remind myself, it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Visit our shop for items we ship to you that I recommend that save money and make timeless arrangements easy. Take lots of pictures and share them with us on Instragram and Facebook. 



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