Garden Style-ish Porch Summer Flowers with Pottery Barn and Camp Makery

Garden Style-ish Porch Summer Flowers with Pottery Barn and Camp Makery

We  teamed up with Pottery Barn to bring you tips and tricks for crafting a summer filled porch of pretty! So, here we are sharing three simple elements to gussy up even the smallest porch.

Meet Cameron Hughes Wine, a Succulent Garden, and a Gold Pot Of Flowers. You'll be the best of the local best when your neighbors spot the pretty on your porch. 

Casual Lighting

Every outdoor or indoor space needs lighting whether it's a lamp or Edison lights or candle flames. If you aren't excited about the outdoor options feel free to take a table lamp to the patio or porch. 

Elegant Succulent Garden

This perfect little succulent garden is getting a lift with the help of a little cement container from Pottery Barn.  What could be nicer than having a garden you don't have to bend and dig to cut from? For that matter you don't even really have to get too dirty! The vessel has a modern, yet old-world European vibe. We just added our favorite plants to the pot. 

Pretty Gold Pot of Garden Flowers

This perfect little floral arrangement gets a pick me up with a pretty container from Pottery Barn. As you can see, this one has a lid in it's real life, but who can help filling it with fresh snipped stems from your yard this time of year. Just grab anything you have and put the flower right in! There are no rules that says it has to be a "vase." This container has a nice shimmer that interestingly contrasts the casual blooms of the season. 


With all the pretty containers and planter options at Pottery Barn, decorating the great outdoors and your porch has never been easier. So grab your favorite vessels, fill with lovely blooms and greenery, pull out a bottle of wine and your little outdoor space will be a garden party ready just in time for summer.


Photography: Izzy Hudgins Photography

Pottery Barn Items: Clad Lidded Vessel, Lamp 

Created with Camp Makery 

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